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Radiation King was a pre-War company, a manufacturer of popular radio and television sets. A store is located in the Washington, DC ruins by the Tepid Sewer train station in Georgetown in Fallout 3. There is not much of note inside other than a Wasteland Scavenger trader and some scrap metal. The box at the toilet contains 2 stimpaks and the box in the office also holds mentats and some pre-War money.


A Radiation King TV is seen in the Fallout intro, and a radio is seen in the Fallout 3 intro.

Upon buying the pre-War theme from Craterside Supply for the Megaton House in Fallout 3, there will be two Radiation King TVs in the main room.

In the Presidential Suite of the lucky 38 in Fallout:New Vegas there are 4 Radiation King TVs.

Behind the scenes

  • Radiation King is the main television supplier in The Simpsons, with the Simpsons' family TV itself being made by them. The logo has the exact same font as in Fallout 3.
  • The Radiation King TV sets that are found in the pre-War theme as well as throughout the wasteland are identical to the real world television set, The Philco Predicta, which was the most iconic TV of the 1950's. While Philco has since gone out of business, Telstar purchased the rights and are currently selling color models with the same look but with updated electronics.


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