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For the RadAway that appears in the Fallout series, see RadAway.

RadAway is a consumable item in Fallout 3.


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RadAway is an intravenous chemical solution that bonds with radiation particles and passes them through the body's system. It takes some time to work, and is also a potent diuretic.

Unlike Rad-X, it does not confer radiation resistance, but is instead used after receiving radiation to purge some of it from the body.


In Fallout 3, RadAway is no longer addictive. This item looks a bit like a blood pack, except with a short tube and a distinctive orange color. It can be found in almost every medical or science facility and can often be found in first aid boxes that hang on walls or are kept on shelves. It can also be bought from a variety of doctors in the Capital Wasteland. The effectiveness of RadAway is dependent on the player character's Medicine skill, meaning that the higher the player character's Medicine skill, the more Rads are removed.

Medicine skill effectEdit

10-60 Radiation 
20-70 Radiation 
30-80 Radiation 
40-90 Radiation 
50-100 Radiation 
60-110 Radiation 
70-120 Radiation 
80-130 Radiation 
90-140 Radiation 
100-150 Radiation 


  • RadAway has a dull glow, making it easier to find in the dark, though not as strong a glow as a Nuka-Cola Quantum. There is also a readable label marked "RadAway" written on it. This makes it easier to distinguish from a blood pack.
  • Probably the easiest way to obtain a large number of these is to trade tech with Henry Casdin at Fort Independence. See the unmarked quest The Outcast Collection Agent to see exchange details.
  • RadAway can be received from Winthrop in the Museum of History for five pieces of scrap metal. See the repeatable quest This Old House.
  • RadAway can sometimes be obtained from Moira Brown, after contracting radiation poisoning in the quest Wasteland Survival Guide.
  • RadAway bears a striking resemblance to a real-world unit of fresh frozen plasma (which would be a viable medium for such a chemical).


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