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For the Rad-X that appears in the Fallout series, see Rad-X.

Rad-X and Rad-X: diluted are consumables in Fallout 76.


Rad-X is an intravenous medication used to temporarily increase the body's natural Radiation Resistance for a set amount of time. This is useful especially if one does not have the strong protection against radiation that comes with wearing a hazmat suit or power armor when entering areas with high levels of radiation, such as the blast zone from a nuke, the fissure sites, or the reactors in the power plants around Appalachia.

It also reduces the radiation absorbed from irradiated enemies like feral ghouls, and reduces the chances of suffering a mutation if the radiation absorbed hits a certain level.

Rad-X temporarily suppresses all mutation effects, while diluted Rad-X will not suppress mutations.

Taking multiple doses of Rad-X or diluted Rad-X does not stack. Taking one while the other is active will simply replace the effect. This can be used to re-instate the benefits of mutations after the radiation protection from Rad-X is no longer needed, since taking diluted Rad-X will immediately replace Rad-X and thus restore the mutations.


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RadShield is a stronger, longer-lasting version of Rad-X that does not suppress mutations.


  • Prior to patch, the effects of regular Rad-X and the diluted version could stack.
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