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Rad-X significantly increases your Radiation Resistance for a limited period of time.— Loading screen hint

Rad-X is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


Each dose increases radiation resistance by 100 for a duration (the effect can be stacked).


Location Description Quantity
Boston mayoral shelter Four behind the security gate in the corridor after exiting the lift from the top floor.
Three behind the maglock door in the rom with the Master locked terminal
Fort Hagen Command Center Three in the armory, accessible via the Master locked terminal.
Two in the infirmary ward, directly opposite the canteen.
Med-Tek Research One in the room containing the nuclear reactor.
One in the storage room in the ground floor office to the right, past the decontamination arches. There is a second Rad-x on the counter in the room directly opposite.
One in the room below the offices on the top floor, accessible via a ramp created by the collapsed floor.
Mass Fusion Main Reactor 4
Greenetech Genetics 3
Vault 114 3
Vault 111 In a mirror cupboard in the resident bathrooms 1
Yangtze 3
Science! Center 2
Lexington Pharmacy On a shelf in the east corner of the pharmacy. 2
Doctor Sun's house In a cabinet located in the back of the house next to a bed. 2
Railroad HQ 2
Memory Den 2
Old State House 2
Super-Dupermart 2
Sunshine Tidings co-op 2
Diamond City 2
Big John's Salvage 2
Charles View Amphitheater 2
Jamaica Plain 2
Quincy ruins 2
Warwick homestead 2
Nuka-World (add-on) Nuka-Cade Sold as a prize for 2,000 Nuka-Cade tickets (items rotate every couple of days) random


  • Rad-X can be stacked. Each subsequent Rad-X that the Sole Survivor consumes will improve Radiation Resistance by a further 100 points.
  • Taking Rad-X does not count as an affinity action as it cannot cause addiction. The same does not apply to Med-X.
  • Survival mode effects:
    • Rad-X causes thirst to increase with each dose taken.
    • Like most chems, taking Rad-X will increase the risk of getting a disease. However, unlike RadAway and the mysterious serum, Rad-X does not cause the Suppressed Immunity debuff.