Rachel West was a Seeker of the Order of Mysteries.[1]


As an Initiate in the Order, Rachel was assigned to Olivia Rivers to be mentored. Her first assigned field mission was to raid the Garrahan Outpost with Olivia. However, the latter went on to drag Rachel on a further unsanctioned raid of multiple sniper nests, beast dens and a derelict military bunker before reporting back to base, leaving Rachel incredibly shaken.[2] Despite the harrowing first mission, Rachel rose in the ranks to become a Seeker.

After Olivia Rivers began selling out the Order of Mysteries to the Cutthroats, Rachel was caught in one of the planned ambushes and barely escaped with her life.[3] She was the one to finally discover Olivia's betrayal and was in the midst of telling Eve Devoir about her discovery when Olivia walked in on them. Rachel was killed by Olivia in the resultant confrontation.[4]


Rachel West is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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