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This is a transcript for dialogue with Rachel.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 RE_SceneKMK07NewBranch0 0010CEB4 So you'll subdue some creatures for me? Fantastic! Take these Tracking Isotopes, hit a critter to tag them, and come back once you're done.
2 I only have a few Trackers, so please watch your aim!
3 002FD04A Hello there!
4 003BE300 Hmm. Too bad. If only you had a Recon Scope, you could assist me in a scientific endeavor.
5 003BE2FF Thank you for your help. There is so much more to learn about this strange new world.
6 RE_SceneDRE04GreetSceneNEW 0010CEB6 Could I entice you to assist me in an endeavor of great scientific importance?
7 0010CEB7 I'm carrying on the work of a great doctor, and studying the new ecology of the area.
8 0010CEB8 These strange new creatures are fascinating, and I need some specimens tagged so that I can observe their behavior.
9 0010CEB9 If you would like to help me out and further our understanding of this brave new world, I would be so very grateful.
10 003BE307 I can always use more help in my scientific endeavors.
11 003BE308 I am always looking for more help from anyone with a Recon Scope and an interest in animal behavior.
12 003BE309 There's no telling what new scientific discovery lies around the corner.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
13 003BE2FE 0010CEB3 Keep up the good work, just a few more creatures to go. Science thanks you!
14 0010CEB5 You've finished? My most heartfelt thanks go out to you. This will be a great boon to my work!
15 003BE302 Make sure to keep your Recon Scope handy. I can piggyback onto your scope's signal to begin tracking them myself.
16 003BE303 I'm sure you won't have any trouble sneaking up on a few harmless animals, in the interest of science.
17 003BE304 Science will thank you for your efforts!
18 003BE305 Nature has produced many new creatures that are unknown to science. I endeavor to learn as much as possible about them.