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Attention all members. The time has come for the fittest among you to claim the mantle of Commander-in-Chief. Hmm. It seems AVA, Appalachia's very own automated voting system, has decided it's time for another round of... full-contact democracy.MODUS
Claim the most votes and be named President!

Race for the Presidency is a cut PvP-enabled event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Although secretary-come-president Thomas Eckhart is long dead, the hacked voting system he used to engineer his rise to the presidency remains active and operational. The Vault Dweller can elect to replicate the process and become the most powerful man on the cinder called Appalachia.

Completing this event grants the Enclave rank of "President of the United States," allowing access to the Executive Suite, and one Presidential Seal. The Presidential Seals can be exchanged at a vending machine for the presidential power armor, presidential "power" suit, and the Presidential Gauss rifle which each cost one seal.

Detailed walkthrough

The event is essentially a race across Appalachia, to collect valid ballots and endorsements from any active site. As expected, the player with the highest number of ballots deposited in the vote counter machines wins. The alterations made by Eckhart's men rigged the system to print ballots automatically, after all, and for the counters to accept any valid vote. The endorsements are a special element of the "election" - while they are located away from polling stations, they are worth a large number of votes.


Race for the Presidency would only be available to players who have completed the quests One of Us and Officer on Deck. By using any of the voter services terminals, they may register to participate in the next Presidential race. When the event becomes active, registered players may activate a hand scanner to confirm their participation in the event, giving them the option to continue and accept PvP rules, or to back out of the race. These stations are located at:


Once the timer for registrations expires and the race for the ballots begins, the emergency broadcast system will give the location of each active polling station, together with the maximum number of ballots available. Ballots are first-come, first-served. Potential polling stations are:

In order for the ballots to count towards the presidency, they need to be deposited with the vote counters at the following locations:


Presidential Endorsement.png

Endorsements are worth XX votes but spawn away from polling stations. Every player can collect an endorsement, but only the first one to deliver it to a vote counter will get the extra votes. Endorsements can potentially spawn at:

Presidential debate

Players receive an EMS alert that applications for the optional Presidential debate have opened. After registering at a hand scanner, players engage in a king-of-the-hill style deathmatch at the Watoga Civic Center. Activate the debate podium to become the speaker, who continuously gains ballots as they hold the spotlight. Defeating waves of enemies will yield bonus ballots.

  • Speaker gains +10 ballots per tick
  • Speaker gains +5 ballots per kill
  • Killing the speaker grants a percentage of the votes
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Music plays during the segment

Election results

The election terminates after the timer elapses and the player with the highest number of votes becomes the next president. At this point, all they need to do is to collect the Presidential Seal.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Wait for the Presidential Race will begin at <Alias=SiteOne>The Presidential race
Collect ballots at # / # collected)The Presidential Race has begun! Time to collect ballots and drop them off at any of the "Vote Counters" in the region! Person with the most ballots wins!
Deposit any collected ballots in vote countersA Presidential Endorsement is set to become available, and it's worth a whole pile of votes! Time to make a decision - head out and wait to collect it? Or keep collecting ballots?
(Optional) Prepare to collect endorsement from <Alias=ActiveEndorsementSite>
(Optional) Be the first to deposit the endorsement in any vote counterThe Presidential Endorsement is now available! Time to track it down and claim it!
(Optional) Register to join the Presidential Debate
Turn in all remaining ballots before time runs out!The race for the Presidency is over! The victors now just need to report to the Charleston State House to collect their prizes. Once they have, they'll be granted access to the Whitespring's Presidential Suite!


The Presidential Gauss rifle was repurposed as a skin for the Scribe of Avalon scoreboard.

Behind the scenes

Level designer Steve Massey stated that Race for the Presidency was cut because it "would not work at all with how the design of 76 ended up."[1]