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This is a transcript for dialogue with Ra-Ra.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
41 0041C9FF 0041CAF1 I missed you Bunnabun! You're the best bun-bun! Talking to her stuffed toy
42 0041CA00 0041CAB4 No way! I go where Gail goes! I don't even know what a vault is. Upset with the player.
43 I'm going home to Gail now, so bye, butt-face! More anger in this version.
44 0041CA02 0041CAE3 I don't know what that is, but okay! That sounds fun! Enthusiastic.
45 But first I want to go home to Gail, so I'll see you there! Bye!
46 0041CAE4 Only if I have to. You weren't very nice to me. But if Gail wants to go, I'll go. Reluctant.
47 Anyway, I'm going back to her now, so bye, butt-face! Not really angry here, but sort of just over the player. almost playful.
48 0041CA04 0041CADC Well, pblthththth! Maybe I would have helped more if you weren't such a meanie butt-face. Upset with the player. She starts off by blowing raspberries at the them.
49 Still, you found Bunnabun, so maybe Gail won't hurt you to death when we get back. Relenting a little bit, but still upset.
50 0041CA06 0041CB2D Bunnabun! Gimme gimme! Thank you! Thankful, but a more toned-down excitement.
51 0041CA08 0041CAD5 Thankyouthankyouthankyou! You're almost as nice as Gail. I hope you stay with us at the Crater! rapid-fire "thank you's" She's really happy
52 You can even sleep with us in Gail's bed if you get scared at night!
53 0041CA0A 0041CB13 I dunno, I just picked it up along the way. There was a lot of weird stuff in the vents, but now it's all gone. Answering cautiously, as if she isn't sure she did something good here
54 0041CA0C 0041CB0A Oh, so there was an old skeleton in the vents. He had a key and a piece of paper with something on it. Excited.
55 Take a look. I'm going to get back inside and try to find my bun-bun, though. Bye!
56 0041CB0B Anyway, here's a key and a note I found on a skeleton in the vents. Your stupid butt-face will probably need it to get through the door. Indignant
57 I'm going back inside the vent to find my bun-bun before you do, 'cause you'd probably just do something mean to him. Indignant.
58 0041CA0D 0041CAC7 What's wrong with YOU? I was the one who was in trouble! Shocked that the player would treat her like this.
59 0041CA0F 0041CAFD I know. But you helped kill the shooty things for me, so thank you.
60 0041CA11 0041CAC0 Me too! Thanks for killing the shooty things and helping me get out of there. Relieved.
61 0041CA18 0041CB3A If Gail was here, she would hit you in your stinky butt-face for being mean to me. You better hope I don't tell her about you! Upset with the player.
62 0041CA1A 0041CAD8 Yeah, I'm ready. I hope we find Bunnabun soon so we can go back home. I miss Gail.
63 0041CA1C 0041CB16 Uh, can I? You don't have to ask me a billion times! You're helping me with what I want, so I can help you get stuff you want too! Of course she's happy to help!
64 0041CB17 Pff! No! You were mean to me before and now I don't want to. I just want to find Bunnabun and go back home to Gail. Scoffing at the player. Feeling a little bit smug about it.
65 0041CA1F 0041CB0E Please find something quick, I'm sooo hungry!
66 0041CA2F 0041CAE2 Come on. Do you have any food? I'm sooo hungry! There should probably be a groan here before she says this.
67 0041CA31 0041CAAC Okay. I'll wait. But not too long. I'm sooo hungry!
68 0041CA35 0041CB1A Sorry... I keep forgetting you're not Gail. Genuinely sorry.
69 She would have thought it was fun. She likes killing robos. She can take care of anything. I'll be more careful.
70 0041CA36 0041CAD3 Sorry. I thought you liked killing robos. Genuinely sorry.
71 0041CA38 0041CB11 I didn't think it would kill us.
72 0041CA3A 0041CACD I guess so. I do want to find Bunnabun. I can maybe come back here with Gail later and she'll let me press all the buttons I want. She realizes this is better.
73 0041CA3C 0041CB08 <gasp> You're sooo mean! Fine! I hate you! I'm telling Gail when we get back! She should gasp before saying this. She's really hurt by this, and upset.
74 0041CA3E 0041CAC5 Fine, well, I don't want a meanie butt-face for a friend anyway. Indignant, but brushing it off.
75 0041CA40 0041CAFB Hmph! Fine, meanie butt-face. upset at the player.
76 0041CA42 0041CABE But I didn't! Upset at the player for insulting her.
77 I don't like you! I was having fun, and I thought you'd have fun too! Angry at the player.
78 You're nothing like Gail! Gail's the best! She lets me play with things. You're a stinky butt-face! Still angry at the player
79 0041CA44 0041CAF2 Hmph. You're no fun. Disappointed, but not overly upset.
80 0041CA46 0041CAB5 Hahaha, but why not? Still laughing, but also curious.
81 0041CA48 0041CAE5 Why though? Curious.
82 0041CA4B 0041CAAD Hmph. Fine. You don't have to be mean. I'm not a baby, I know what I'm doing. Offended by the player.
83 0041CA4D 0041CADD You worry too much. Dangerous is my middle name. Actually, I don't know what my middle name is, so now it's Dangerous.
84 Now I just need a last name...
85 0041CA4F 0041CB2E Except this one time, I did it and the vent fell when I was crawling in it and everyone thought I was hurt, but I wasn't! Excited, and fast-talking
86 0041CA51 0041CAD6 Maybe you don't talk enough. But, as long as you help me find Bunnabun, that's okay.
87 0041CA57 0041CB0C I'm not going to leave until I find Bunnabun! Becoming alarmed.
88 There's more robos, and I can't do it myself!
89 I tried, but then the robos got mad and tried to get me.
90 0041CA58 0041CAC8 <Screeching> Nooooooo! No no no! Bunnabun! I'm not going without him! Throwing a bit of a temper tantrum
91 If you don't help me get him, I won't go back, and if I don't go back, Gail will be angry. Threatening, or at least as threatening as a kid can get.
92 And if Gail is angry, she'll take your arms off and stick them up your butt! Threatening, or at least as threatening as a kid can get.
93 0041CA5A 0041CAFE No! Bunnabun is the only one! Very adamant that this is the only way.
94 Meg told me a story that there used to be places where you could get any kind of toy you want, but they're all gone since the world got blowed up.
95 But even if there were toy places, none of them would have Bunnabun. He's special!
96 0041CA5C 0041CAC1 I dunno. The big dumb ugly stupid dumb animal took him. She is angry at the animal.
97 It went through a door, but then the door closed and I couldn't get in, and then there were robos.
98 We have to follow it and get Bunnabun back and then maybe kill more robos and then kill the animal in its big dumb stupid face! Easy peasy, right? Determined.
99 0041CA5E 0041CAF5 Bunnabun is my favorite toy. He's a bun bun, and he goes hop hop! Hop hop hop! I love him so much!
100 He goes everywhere with me. I found him when it was just me. Then it was me and Gail and Bunnabun, and we all played and had fun.
101 0041CA62 0041CAE8 No! no! I'll tell Gail what you said, then we'll see who's not too bright! Not happy. First the player insulted her best friend, now they want to go without helping her save her favorite toy
102 0041CA64 0041CAB0 Oh, okay. But Gail would help me find Bunnabun first. Are you gonna do that too? Satisfied with the answer.
103 0041CA66 0041CAE0 Why not? I want Gail, not some stupid boring grown-up who tells me what to do. Not satisfied with the player's answer.
104 0041CA68 0041CAAA Why didn't Gail come for me? Why did she send you? You're not big and strong like Gail, you look like... boring and weak. Worried, a little sad. Gail always protects her. Why not this time?
105 0041CA6A 0041CAD9 Uhh, okay... That was weird... weirdo. Confused
106 0041CA6C 0041CB18 Humph. I didn't make trouble. A little taken-back by the player insulting her.
107 Wait, is Gail here? I want to see Gail! Where is she? Why isn't she with you? Now, worried when she realizes her best friend Gail isn't here
108 0041CA6E 0041CAD1 Huh? But you killed them, right? I heard shooting, and you're not dead, and you're here, so you musta killed them. A little confused, worried.
109 Where's Gail? Why didn't Gail kill the robos and come get me?
110 0041CA70 0041CB0F Good. Where's Gail? I want to see her. Is she with you? Relieved.
111 0041CA72 0041CACB Okay! I'll wait here.
112 0041CA74 0041CB06 Hmm. What if I go through that vent over there and go into the room. I did that before once. Not here, in other places.
113 0041CA7A 0041CAFF I did that before. Not here, but in somewhere else. It's fun! Excited.
114 0041CB00 Yay!!! I knew you'd help! I'm coming to save you, Bunnabun! Very excited!
115 0041CB01 I hope it's something tasty! Excited
116 0041CB02 Aw, fine, but I want to eat as soon as we get back home! Disappointed, but not mad.
117 0041CB03 Agh! But I'm soooo hungry and I know you have fooood! Fine, see if I help you with anything when you need it! Upset with the player. Draw out "so" and "food"
118 00575088 Yum! That's perfect! Thank you!
173 0041CAA8 0041CB1F You're the outsider that was talking to Meg. Did you kill the robos? I couldn't get out because the robos wanted to kill me. Did you kill them? Robos is not a typo, it's what she calls robots. Ra-Ra is relieved to see someone. She's a little scared here, and wary.
174 0041CB20 You're the outsider that was talking to Meg. Did you kill the robos? I couldn't get out because the robos wanted to kill me. Did you kill them? Robos is not a typo, it's what she calls robots. Ra-Ra is relieved to see someone. She's a little scared here, and wary.
175 0041CB21 Why'd you go? Were there more robos? Did you kill them? The player backed out of the conversation, and has come back.
176 0041CB22 What's wrong? Why can't we just go in the door? Is it locked forever? Concerned.
177 0041CB23 Did you find anything? Is the door still locked? Concerned.
178 0041CB24 Haha, that was funny! I pressed the button and more robos came out of hiding to play with you, and then you killed them. Genuinely amused, giggling about it.
179 0041CB25 The stupid animal was too fast, and it was getting hot in the vents so I needed to take a break. Catching her breath a little.
180 Hey, um, also... do you have anything to eat? I'm starving! A little sheepish
181 0041CB26 Did you find any food? A little sheepish
182 0041CB27 I found some fresh animal poops in there, so I think I'm going the right way. It was really stinky though, so I needed some fresh air. A little grossed out, but trying to power through. She doesn't want to let on that it bothers her.
183 I'll go back in there to keep looking for Bunnabun the bun-bun, if you keep looking out here. Much more relaxed by now.
184 0041CB28 Whew! That was fun! I was only a little scared, but not really. If you tell Gail, just say I had fun, okay? Catching her breath a little. In good spirits though.
185 0041CB29 Yay! You did it! You killed the evil robo! At first he was all 'BEEP BOOP! I'm going to kill you! America, or whatever that is! BRAAP BRAAP!' Super excited! Simulating the robot noises
186 Then you were all 'No way! SMASHY SMASHY!' Then it was like, 'BEEYOOYOOP, KABOOM!' Dead!. Super Excited, and talking quickly. Mimicking the robot's noises as it got destroyed. "Beeyooyoop" is a descending tone, like pac-man dying.
187 Then you got Bunnabun and now we can go back and see Gail!
188 I liked the part where the robo got all mad and was shooting everywhere even though it was scary, and the part where he went all kaboom and blew up! Excited!
189 0041CB2A Okay, you killed the robo, so give me my Bunnabun! Now, now, now, now! The player hasn't been treating her well, so she's upset with them and just wants her toy.
196 0056B720 I think I forgot to mention: the door's locked. Is it gonna be locked forever? Sheepish, then concerned.
197 0058F91D Wait, I thought we were going to go find Bunnabun? You're going to help, aren't you? A little worried. The player backed out of the conversation, and has come back.
198 0058F91E What? Oh, you're ready to talk again after walking away? Gail says that's rude. So does Meg. Adults scold her for walking away while they're talking to her, so she thought adults weren't supposed to do that.
208 005632F8 005632FC Because it's funny, and if they're funny, then they're less scary. Very matter-of-factly. ~2 second pause after this line to lead into the next line.
209 Not that I'm... you know, scared of them, or anything. I mean, not anymore. When I was littler, maybe, but now it's just funny. Yeah. Trying not to let on that she might be a little scared. She's a tough kid trying to keep up appearances.
210 005632FA 005632FD I dunno. Are you sure you can do it? Gail is big, and nice, and great, and strong and you're... you.
211 0056B6F9 0056B72B Here! I found another grenade thingy! Ra-Ra is up above the player, hanging from a vent, yelling this to the player.
212 0056B72C Got a grenade for you! Ra-Ra is up above the player, hanging from a vent, yelling this to the player.
213 0056B72D Hey! Want another grenade? Ra-Ra is up above the player, hanging from a vent, yelling this to the player.
214 0056B72E This grenade will help you! Ra-Ra is up above the player, hanging from a vent, yelling this to the player.
215 0056B72F Look out! Dropping another grenade for you! Ra-Ra is up above the player, hanging from a vent, yelling this to the player.
216 0056B730 Hey! I found a stimpak! Hope it helps! Ra-Ra is up above the player, hanging from a vent, yelling this to the player.
217 0056B731 I think I got a stimpak! Here you go! Ra-Ra is up above the player, hanging from a vent, yelling this to the player.
218 0056B732 I found... uh... this! Ra-Ra is up above the player, hanging from a vent, yelling this to the player.
219 0056B733 Here's... something! Sorry! I'll try to find something more useful! Ra-Ra is up above the player, hanging from a vent, yelling this to the player.
220 0056B734 Not sure if you can use this, but uh... here you go! Ra-Ra is up above the player, hanging from a vent, yelling this to the player.
221 0056B6FA 0056B71A There's just one teensy little problem. I think that door is shut tight. Maybe forever! Draw out "teensy," like "teeeeeeeeensy"
222 0056B6FF 0056B71F Is it dead?
223 0056B700 0056B723 Oh, I almost forgot! I found some other things in a bag near the skeleton. Excited.
224 Maybe you can use 'em on the robos up ahead?
225 0056B724 Well, I was going to give you some fun things I found, but guess what, butt-face? Not anymore, so there! Indignant
226 Have fun fighting the robos all by yourself!
228 0056B702 0056B726 Now to get out of here! I'll meet you... um... somewhere! Yelling to the player. POST PROCESSING: Amplify this so the player can hear. Large open room.
229 0056B703 0056B71B Yay! You got them! She's yelling this to the player. POST PROCESSING: Amplify this so the player can hear. Large open room.
230 0056B704 0056B729 I can't get back in the vent, though and there's some uh... gun thingies in here. I think they want to shoot me. Yelling so the player can hear her in the other room. Not scared, but concerned. POST PROCESSING: This should be amplified so the player can hear it.
231 0056B705 0056B71D I'm okay! Yelling, so the player can hear her in the other room. POST PROCESSING: This should be amplified so the player can hear it. Large open room.
232 0056B706 0056B714 Oof! She lands. She's not too hurt, mostly startled. POST PROCESSING: This should be amplified so the player can hear it. Large open room.
233 0056B707 0056B71E Ahhhhhh! The duct she's crawling inside of breaks. She falls down and screams in surprise. POST PROCESSING: This should be amplified so the player can hear it
234 0056B708 0056B715 Ahhhhh! I need an adult! She screams, then yells this. POST PROCESSING: This should be amplified so the player can hear it. It takes place in a large open room.
238 0056B70C 0056B719 See ya! Just a quick "see ya!" Not particularly friendly or unfriendly. More of an "I'm out of here!" sort of thing
239 0056B70D 0056B727 OK, while you're playing with that old thing, I'm going back into the vent and I'm gonna follow those stinky poops 'til they lead me to Bunnabun.
240 0056B70E 0056B71C Gonna get some cool stuff for my new friend! Then we're gonna kill some robos and get my bunny! Singing a little made-up tune to herself that isn't necessarily any good. Post process: This should sound like it's coming from ventilation ducts.
241 0056B70F 0056B713 Ok, going back in to find Bunnabun, bye! Said really fast, so the player has no time to disagree or react.
242 0056B710 0056B721 All these locked doors... Don't worry, I'll get it open!
243 0056B711 0041CABA I heard the thing! The animal! In the vent over there! I think it still has Bunnabun! Very excited! Stop everything, she's got to go do this!
244 I'm going after it!
245 0056B712 0056B716 Oh good, it's safe. Relieved. The audio for this should have some sort of overlay to make it sound like it's coming out of the ventilation ductwork.
246 0056BE52 0056BE5D Hmm. Okay. You could have been nicer about it, but... it's OK now. Let's go find Bunnabun. She's not sure about the player, but she's willing to hesitantly consider their apology and accept it.
257 0056BE59 0056BE66 I hope we find Bunnabun. Worried.
258 0056BE67 You're okay, but I wish Gail was here. A little sad. She misses Gail.
259 0056BE68 When we find the animal that took my bun-bun, I'mma stab it with my knife in its stupid face. Angry.
260 0056BE69 Normally, Gail says not to talk to strangers, but everyone's strange, so that would mean talk to nobody, and that's boring. She know she shouldn't trust everyone, but she doesn't care.
261 0056BE6A We're gonna kill some robos, find Bunnabun, and get out of here, right? Going over the plan.
262 0056BE6C I don't wanna talk to you right now, you're mean and stupid. She's upset. The player has been mistreating her.
263 0056BE6D You're lucky Gail's not here. She would pick you up and put you down in lots of little pieces. She's upset. The player has been mistreating her.
264 0056BE6E If we don't find Bunnabun because of you... I dunno what I'll do, but you're not gonna like it! She's upset. The player has been mistreating her.
265 0056BE6F Oh, the stupid grown-up loser is talking again. No thanks! She's upset. The player has been mistreating her.
266 0056BE70 You're dumb and I don't want to talk, so shut up. The player mistreated her, so she's upset with them.
267 0056BE72 Yay! You're the best! Well, not the best. Gail's the best, but you got Bunnabun back, so you're pretty good. Happy.
268 0056BE73 We got Bunnabun, and we're going back to Gail! I'd call that a good day! Happy.
269 0056BE74 Haha, remember when you made all those robos go kablooey! That was fun. Can we do it again sometime? Happy
270 0056BE76 Pffft! I coulda done all that without you, butt-face. The player was mean to her during the quest, so she's not happy with them.
271 0056BE77 Now that I have my Bunnabun, I never have to see your stupid face again. The player was mean to her during the quest, so she's not happy with them.
272 0056BE78 Gail's gonna hear about how you were mean to me. I wouldn't wanna be you. I mean, I wouldn't want to anyway, because you're stupid. The player was mean to her during the quest, so she's not happy with them.
273 00577EBD 0041CAEA We're gonna find my Bunnabun! Maybe we'll also find a gun! We'll kill some robos, shoot shoot shoot! Singing, but not like... particularly well. She calls Robots "Robos"
274 Uh... don't eat stuff that makes you toot. Struggling to come up with another rhyme, and then this is what she comes up with.
275 00577EBE 0041CAB2 Hmm. What's this one do? Curious
276 00577EBF 00577EC0 Security Alert in Sector Bravo. Locks Disengaged.
277 005854D6 00585531 Hey! Did you see the thing I dropped down there for you! Yelling from the vent up above the player.
278 00585532 What are you waiting for, pick it up! Yelling from the vent up above the player.
279 00585533 I'm not gonna get you anything else until you pick up what I gave you! Yelling from the vent up above the player.
280 00585534 Helloooo! Go get what I dropped for you! Yelling from the vent up above the player.
281 00585535 I know you're fighting that big robo, but I got something for you and it's still down there! Yelling from the vent up above the player.
282 00585536 I can still see it down there! Go get it! Yelling from the vent up above the player.
283 00585537 What are you waiting for? More? Yelling from the vent up above the player.
284 00585538 Come on! Don't make me get more stuff if you're not going to take what I got you! Yelling from the vent up above the player.
285 00585539 Hey! It's right there! Yelling from the vent up above the player.
286 0058553A Are you having trouble finding the thing I dropped? Yelling from the vent up above the player.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00548B7B 00548CD1 Hey, Mister Vault person friend! Excited
2 00548CD2 Hey, Miss Vault person friend! Excited
3 00548B7F 00548C61 Hmmm... It's shut tight.
4 00548B80 00548C70 Ooh, look what I found! She sees a Vent she can crawl into
5 00548B81 00548CA4 I know, I know. I'll go get this door open too. See ya on the other side! This is routine for her at this point. She's still happy to do it.
6 00548B82 00548C53 Awww... poo. Okaaaaay. Fiiine. I'll go over to the next fun vent and wait, then. But we're still friends, okay. Disappointed and not afraid to show it.
7 00548B84 00548C92 Yay! I'll get right on it! Very excited!
8 Back in the vent, back in the vent! If you wonder where I went, it's back in the vent! Excitedly singing a song she just made up about going in the vent.
9 00548B86 00548CE7 I'll meet you up ahead!
10 00548B87 00548CCC You've been a good friend, so I'm gonna open all the doors in there for you! Enthusiastic. She likes the player.
11 00548CCD I'm gonna open all the doors now because I don't like you and you said not to, so I know it'll make you mad. Haha! She doesn't like the player, so she's being mischievous and vindictive.
12 00548B88 00548C74 I got the big door open! Yay! Go me! Enthusiastic
13 00548B89 00548CBB Nope, that just turned on the light... A little disappointed.
14 Oh! A terminal! I bet that will let me open doors! It might just take some time, because I'm not great at reading. Excited and eager to do her job.
15 00548B8A 00548C65 I found a button! I'm gonna press it!
16 00548B8B 00548CA8 Okay, even though I want to try, you've been nice to me, so I'll listen.
17 00548CA9 Actually... Naaaah! You were mean to me back in the other place when you helped me, so I'm going to do what I want. She's doing the opposite of what the player wants, because she doesn't like them.
18 Why should I listen to a mean old butt-face?
19 00548B8D 00548CEB Okay, since you're nice to me, I'll try!
20 00548CEC On second thought, no, you were kind of mean when you helped me before. I'm not gonna do anything extra for you. She's being a little petty by doing the opposite of what the player wants, but she justifies it because they were mean to her.
21 00548B8F 00548C85 Should I open any of the other rooms here too?
22 00548B90 00548CD0 You need me to go up to the Overseer's room and open the way forward. I heard the man. I'm little, not deaf. A little bit of an attitude, like she's mature and smarter than the player.
23 00548B91 00548CCB Of course it is! I like going in the vents, it's fun! Enthusiastic
24 00548B93 00548C73 You don't sound very sure. Let me help.
25 00548B95 00548CBA Yes! I knew it! Enthusiastic
26 00548B97 00548C64 Yeah, yeah. Alright, let's get moving. He reluctantly agrees. He's still disappointed that he didn't get his moment to shine and was upstaged by the player and Gail.
27 00548B98 00548CA7 You were great, Gail! The best!
28 00548B99 00548C56 Gail do good? Wondering if she did a good job.
29 00548B9A 00548C95 Well now I want to touch everything! She wasn't thinking of messing with anything until the Agent said not to.
70 00548BBC 00548C8D I think it's broken. Or maybe everybody's dead. It hasn't yet dawned on her that this may mean she's stuck in here forever, so she's not too concerned yet.
91 00548BD3 00548C9E We already tried that when Johnny messed up the first time. All it did was make more robos out there. She calls Robots "robos"
94 00548BD8 00548CE4 He said it makes sure you're not a robot, then calls someone else to let you in. Luckily, Ra-Ra was listening to Johnny. She knows what to do.
99 00548BDF 00548C9B Uh, I think Johnny's dead. She's a little shocked that Johnny just got shot to death by an automatic turret, but it doesn't affect her much. She didn't really like him anyway.
112 00548BEB 00548C52 You just told me this morning you'd throw my bunny in the poop-water because I asked too many questions! She's still upset at Johnny, so she's entirely willing to throw him under the bus here.
130 00548C00 00548CA3 Silly Gail, I don't think you're supposed to repeat exactly. Say it your way! Ra-Ra thinks it's amusing that Gail is repeating the player exactly, but tried to correct her.
137 00548C09 00548C4D Maybe you shouldn't mess with it... Sheepishly suggesting to Johnny that he should be careful messing with the system that he's hacking.
182 00548C30 00548CDE You want me to go into the vent, don't you? She's trying not to be too excited about this, but she really is.
183 00548CDF I know the man said not to touch anything... A little mischievous.
184 But, you're one of my best friends, so I want to open this door for you so we can get the fun stuff inside. Can I? Excited to help her friend
185 00548CE0 I don't think the door opens from this side. Disappointed.
196 00548C36 00548CC8 And me! Interrupting Meg, making sure Meg knows she's there too.
205 00548C42 00548C86 One time? What happened? Innocently asking what happened between Johnny and Meg. She doesn't understand their subtext.
213 005723B4 005723B7 I see some preeeetty good stuff in that room, but I'd really only do that for my best friends, and you're only an okay friend. Sorry! Draw out "pretty" in a taunting way.
218 00572D1A 00548CED <Humming> Oh, hello! There was a huge bug in the vent this time, but I stabbed it and it died, and now I'm here! Lead with about 2-3 seconds of quick humming while she opens the door for the player. She is cheerful, and proud of herself.
232 00572D24 00572D3D <Giggling> She bursts into a giggle fit, having held it in while Gail was talking.
235 00572D27 00572D4A <Giggling> C'mon Gail, he's starting to get mad. We should stop messing with him.
238 00572D2A 00572D38 Well, I think you're both right.
244 00572D30 00572D44 Gail's the best at destroying robos! Johnny... you're OK at it, I guess. "robos" is what she calls robots
256 00572D33 00572D72 Is Lou gonna blow it up yet? I don't know how much longer I can wait!
257 00572D73 I wonder what it's like inside? I've never seen a vault! Do you think there will be real puppies inside?
258 I don't know why I thought that, but imagine if!
259 00572D74 I'm glad you're here to help us!
260 00572D75 Gail, why does the meanie butt-face have to go with us? The player was mean to Ra-Ra, so she doesn't like them. She's whining to Gail about it.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
157 005526EF 0055271D Sure, it's your funeral, pal. Cocky
178 00558941 00558958 Ohhh fiiiine. But you gotta promise to take me somewhere fun when we get back home. A little bratty.
181 00558943 0055895D Do we have to? I want to sneak around some more and fight more robos and find the treasure! Disappointed pleading. Yes, she says robos instead of robots.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
14 005A163C 00572D6B This is fun!
15 00572D6C What's the big deal about gold anyway? What even is gold?
16 00572D6D Don't you think Gail is doing a great job? I think Gail is doing a great job!
17 00572D6E It's a little spooky here. Isn't that great?
18 00572D6F Whoa. This place is so cool!
19 00572D70 I can't believe Johnny died. Just like that. I'm probably gonna have nightbears, I mean, nightmares, or whatever you call 'em.
20 00572D82 Gail, the stinky butt-face is creeping up on me again! Ra-Ra doesn't like the player because they were mean to her. She's saying this in a tattling tone.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0056F789 005853CC Mind your own business, you stinky butt-face. Hates the player.
2 005853CD Stranger danger! Get away from me. Hates the player, even though she does know them.
3 005853CE I thought I smelled something. Take your stinkiness somewhere else! Hates the player.
4 005853CF Leave me alone, you big, mean, weirdo. Hates the player.
5 005853D0 Go away. I don't like you. Hates the player.
38 0058EA25 Hey! Wanna play? Actually, no, Gail says I can't... maybe later! Likes the player
39 0058EA26 Um, I lost Bunnabun again...
40 Just kidding! But you thought I did, and I tricked you!
41 0058EA27 Oh, hi again! Are we playing a game where we just say hi to each other over and over again? It's fun, but I think other games are funner. Likes the player.
42 0058EA28 Hi new friend! Likes the player.
43 I like making friends, but I shouldn't make too many new friends, because that sounds exhausting.
44 0058EA29 You're pretty good. But, sorry, you can't be as amazing and fun as Gail. Or as strong, or as smart. Likes the player.
45 It's not like you're bad, but you know, it's Gail. You can't be as good as her.
83 005834BE 005853C7 Huh? I thought I smelled something. What do you want, butt-face? On ok terms with the player. Not mean, just picking on them.
84 005853C8 Yay, I knew you'd be back! Bunnabun wanted me to tell you he missed you.
96 0059F182 I hope we find some other kids. Grown-ups are so boring sometimes. Griping, whiny
97 0059F183 I wonder if there's other kids out there like me. I want someone to play with who isn't a grown-up. Whining
98 0059F184 Grown-ups are okay, but I wish there were more kids around. A bored child complaining
237 005853A4 005853C3 Anyway, I'm gonna go plan my own heist now! Maybe I can get Wren to show me how to pick a lock.
238 005853A5 005853BA Everyone keeps saying that, like it's true or something. They just don't want me to have any fun.
239 005853A7 005853C4 Hey, I am grown up! I helped you get into that vault, right? I'm ready for bigger and better!
240 005853A9 005853BB I miss Lou. He'd play with me when no one else would. Gail said he was just a grumpy grandpa.
241 005853AA 005853C5 Life is kinda boring now after the raid. I just wanna do it again!
242 But everyone keeps telling me I have to wait until I'm older, which isn't fair.
243 It's not like they're the boss of me.
244 005853AB 005853BD Anyway, I'm busy, and Gail said I don't have to talk to anyone I don't want to, so I don't want to talk to you anymore. Later, butt-face! Being snotty.
245 005853AC 005853C9 I knew it! Wren said anyone who didn't like Bunnabun wasn't worth my time and called them names I'm not allowed to say yet.
246 That's how I knew Lev was a butt-face and Lou was my friend.
247 005853AE 005853BF You bet! I wanna do it again. Blowing up robos and pushing buttons is my new favorite thing.
248 Wren won't let me push any buttons, though, and she has the best ones.
249 005853B0 005853BC Bunnabun is good as new! He was a bit stinky once you got him back, but Gail gave him a bath.
250 He talks about you all the time.
251 005853B2 005853C6 Fine. I thought things would be different since we got into that vault. "Fine" as in "I'm feeling fine."
252 But Raf still won't let me in his house, and Gail won't let me use a gun yet.
253 At least Ae-Ri said she'd make me a cool spiky collar for Bunnabun!
254 005853B4 005853BE Hmph, you adults really suck sometimes. This conversation's stupid.
255 005853B6 005853CA Ha! Just the thing a butt-face would say, butt-face!
256 005853B8 005853C0 You got us a bunch of gold stuff, but I don't really care about that. If you found a Vault full of toys, that'd be different.
257 We'd probably be best friends by now if that happened.
258 005853C1 Meg said what you did was selfish, like when I won't share my toys. Only she said I'm still learning, but you know better, which makes it worse.
259 005853C2 You gave a bunch of strangers half of our gold. Meg said you broke a promise.
260 I'd never promise someone a toy and then just give them half a toy. That's just stupid.
342 0059F14F 0059F180 Yep! Wren said in just a couple of years, I'll be a big bad raider just like her!
343 But Axel said I shouldn't grow up too fast.
344 But I don't care what he says. Boys are dumb sometimes. I want to grow up and be big and strong like Meg and Gail.
345 0059F151 0059F181 Yeah, we play lots of games, but she's not always good at the games. Maybe because she's so big? Disappointed
346 Sometimes I hide and she tries to find me, but she never can and I just get bored and come out.
347 It would be more fun if there was another kid like me.
348 0059F152 0059F187 Yeah, if you don't get killed first. Snarky
349 0059F153 0059F188 Nope, it's just me. I'm an only child. Proud and tough
350 Meg said she thinks I'm real tough and I must have raised myself, at least until Gail found me. Proud and tough
351 She said the only family I ever need is all the people at the Crater, so they're like my brothers and sisters.
377 0059F4F4 0041CAB9 Me and Gail were playing outside near the lake, but I didn't touch it or drink it because Gail said that water is bad for me. Telling her story quickly, excitedly, with a lot of run-ons. Try to do as much as possible without stopping to take a breath, up until the last line.
378 We were playing "I Spy," and Gail said "I spy with my little eye, something brown." Trying to do her best Gail voice (gruff super mutant)
379 But everything is brown, so I told Gail to tell me more, so she said it was also ugly.
380 But it wasn't the water, so then she said it was coming towards me.
381 And then, it was too late and the animal took Bunnabun from where I left him and ran off.
382 I chased it and it went into the pipe, so I went too, then the robos got mad, and it got away, and I had to hide from them.
383 So, then you came along and helped me find Bunnabun. The end! Taking a deep breath before this line. She just came off of telling a really long run-on story, and telling it really fast.