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This is a transcript for dialogue with Insult bot.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0045461D 0045462A Target lost. Disengaging.
2 0045461E 00454625 Target acquired.
3 0045461F 0045CBCE No hard feelings.
4 0045E37D Pursuing insult target. Please stand back.
5 0045E37E Nothing personal.
6 0045E37F Walk it off.
7 0045E380 Thank you for your participation.
8 00454622 0045462E Stop!
9 0045462F Wait one moment!
10 00454630 You there!
11 0045CBCC Halt!
12 0045CBCD Please hold!
13 00454623 00454628 I heard you vault dwellers were trying to save Appalachia. One more bomb should do it - right on top of Vault 76!
14 00454629 I would say you have a face only a mother could love... except your entire family already died in the Great War!
15 0045580D Knock knock. Who's there? An organic being with a finite life span!
16 0045580E One of us is slow, friendless and completely devoid of personality. The other... is a Protectron!
17 0045580F Vault dweller, 2054 called. They want their dumb blue jumpsuit back.
18 00455810 They say that true beauty is on the inside. But all you have on the inside is excessive radiation poisoning!
19 00455812 They say that vaults give out a lot of awards. Which one did you get? Most likely to bore me to death?
20 00455813 I heard you got drunk and missed exiting Vault 76 on time. Too bad you didn't do the same thing before entering it!
21 00455814 I considered attacking you on sight, but I don't think I could hurt you more than life already has.
22 00455815 I heard you hid in a vault while the world crumbled around you. I'd call you a coward, but who knows what kind of mess we'd be in today had you stayed outside!
23 00454624 00454632 Ha. Ha. Ha.
24 00454633 Boom, roasted.
25 00454634 Got you.
26 00454635 Zing.
27 00455818 Nailed it.
28 00455819 Rest in peace.
29 0045581A Contacting burn ward for assistance.
30 0045581B We're done here.
31 0045581C Insult package delivered.
32 0045581D Later, chump.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0045EC1E 0045EC1F This unit is off duty. Have a nice day.
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