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This is a transcript for dialogue with Miss Nanny in the Story Time with Miss Nanny random encounter.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 RE_ScenePS02_InitScene 0033b06d C'est terrible! "this is terrible!" In French, pronounced "say tare-ee-bleh"
2 0033b06e Allo? Where are you? Don't be afraid! Curious. Comforting.
3 0033b06f Ou est tout les enfants? In French. She is looking for all the children. Pronounced "Oo ay too lays en-font"
4 0033b070 Is anybody out there? Curious. Friendly.
5 0033b071 <soft humming> Hum a little friendly lullaby
6 0033b072 Ah! Is that who I think it is? Non? Who is it then? Curious. She sees a player nearby. "Non" as the French "no"
7 0033b073 I have a story for you! Friendly tempting, as one would tempt a child to come over for a story.
8 0033b074 I must be on the lookout for more food and drink for snack time! To herself. Friendly.
9 0033b075 I just need to keep at this a little longer. Petit a petit, l'oiseau fait son nid, n'est-ce pas? In French: "Little by little, the bird makes its nest, isn't that so?" Pronounced: "petite ah petite, l'wah-so fay son nee, nay-seh pah?"
10 0033b076 Perhaps if I wait just a little longer... To herself. Waiting for someone to show up. They haven't for a long time.
11 RE_ScenePS02_GreetingA01 0033b080 Oh! Hello there! I have not seen mes enfants in quite some time, and story time is long overdue! Unconcerned. Surprisingly cheerful. Glad to see someone.
12 Won't you stay and listen to a story so I may finally continue my other tasks?
13 0033b081 Oh, there you are! I have been looking all over for you, little one! Surprisingly cheerful.
14 You had me so worried! But now you are here, and it is time for a story! So please, get comfortable and listen.
15 0033b082 Why, hello! I was instructed to carry out story time protocols, but you are the first sign of life I have seen in quite some time! Surprisingly cheerful.
16 If you would be so kind as to let me tell you a story, it would bring me no greater pleasure! You will stay and listen, non? "non" as in the French word for "no," it should be pronounced accordingly
17 0033b083 Ah! Tres Bien! You are here to listen to Miss Nanny tell you a story, are you not? Surprisingly cheerful. "Tres Bien" is French
18 Oui! Please, gather around now, and listen closely.
19 0033b084 Allo! I am Miss Nanny, and I have a very special story to tell, mais quel dommage, I have not been able to find anyone to tell it to in some time! Surprisingly cheerful. "mais quel dommage" as in the French for "but what a shame". sounds like "May kell dom-maj"
20 Will you do me a favor? You will stay here and listen to my story, won't you? Ah, merci!
21 RE_ScenePS02_StoryBeginInfo01 0033b087 Let's begin, shall we? Friendly
22 0033b088 All right. Here we go. Friendly
23 0033b089 Now, please be silent, and absolutement no interruptions. Friendly. "absolutement" is French for "absolutely," pronounced "ab-so-loo-mahn"
24 0033b08a Are you cozy? Good. Friendly.
25 0033b08b Okay, are we ready? Friendly.
26 RE_ScenePS02_Story01Scene 0033b017 Once upon a time, there were three bears. A mama bear, a papa bear, and a baby bear.
27 0033b002 One day, the mama bear made a fine porridge for supper. While they waited for it to cool, the bears went for a walk in the forest.
28 0033b06a A curious, ill-mannered girl named Goldilocks found the bears' home while they were gone, and made her way inside.
29 0033aff8 Goldilocks was hungry, so she dipped her finger in one of the bowls of porridge on the table and exclaimed, "This porridge is too hot!"
30 0033aff9 She tried the second bowl and said, "This porridge is too cold!" Then she tasted the last bowl and it was just right, so she ate it all up.
31 0033b04a Goldilocks was now tired, so she sat in papa bear's huge chair. "This chair is too big!" she said.
32 0033b022 So, she tried the next chair. "This chair is also big!" she cried. When she tried the smallest chair, she was relieved. "This chair is just right!"
33 0033affe But as she relaxed into it, the chair broke out from under her.
34 0033b086 Now Goldilocks was getting sleepy, so she laid down on the biggest bed, but it was too hard! She tried the second bed, but it was too soft!
35 0033b033 She tried the smallest bed, and it was just right! She fell asleep.
36 0033b019 The bears came home and saw the mess that Goldilocks had left, because she was a naughty child, and there was not a Miss Nanny to help her.
37 0033afff After seeing that Goldilocks had eaten their porridge, and sat in their chairs, they found her sleeping in baby bear's bed.
38 0033b065 So, the bears grabbed her and ate her all up. The End!
39 0033b034 Now if only Goldilocks had a Miss Nanny from General Atomics International to clean up after her, they never would have known she was there.
40 RE_ScenePS02_Story02Scene 0033b02b There once was a girl named Cinderella who lived with her wicked stepmother and two stepsisters.
41 0033b013 They made poor Cinderella do all their chores, as they did not have the luxury of a General Atomics International Miss Nanny to do chores for them.
42 0033affa One day, the family received an invitation to the Prince's royal ball. Everyone was excited, especially Cinderella. She asked if she could go, too.
43 0033b04b However, her stepmother and stepsisters just laughed. "Of course not, silly Cinderella," her older stepsister said, "You would just embarrass us."
44 0033b01e Her younger stepsister scowled and said, "You're full of dirt and you don't even have a dress!"
45 0033b009 So, instead of going to the ball, Cinderella was forced to stay home and clean the floors. Oh how she wished she could go!
46 0033b08c Then, she heard a kindly old woman's voice. "It's me, your fairy Godmother! I heard your wish, and I will help you go to the ball!"
47 0033b03c The Fairy Godmother waved her wand and a beautiful dress appeared around Cinderella along with with two glass slippers on her feet.
48 0033b015 She waved her wand at a pumpkin which turned into a silver carriage, and a family of mice, which turned into a team of horses to pull the carriage.
49 0033affd Cinderella thanked the Fairy Godmother, and sped off towards the ball.
50 0033b068 When she arrived, she was awestruck. She had never seen anything like it. Soon enough, the Prince himself asked her to dance.
51 0033b031 All eyes were on Cinderella, but her stepmother and stepsister did not even recognize her. They were jealous of the girl dancing with the Prince.
52 0033b00f The clock struck midnight, and it was time for Cinderella to go before the magic wore off. She ran off, dropping a slipper as she hurried.
53 0033aff4 The Prince searched the kingdom looking for the girl he danced with that night. Eventually he came to Cinderella's home with the slipper.
54 0033b040 The slipper did not fit any of the women, until Cinderella asked to try on the slipper. Her mother and sisters laughed, but to their surprise it fit!
55 0033b07e They married, and lived happily ever after in a giant castle with every General Atomics International robot the Prince's vast fortune could buy.
56 RE_ScenePS02_Story03Scene 0033affb Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack who lived with his mother on a small farm in the country.
57 0033b064 They were very poor and could barely afford to eat. So, Jack's mother sent him to town to sell their only milk cow.
58 0033b02e On the way to town, Jack was stopped by an old man who offered to buy the old milk cow in exchange for three magical beans.
59 0033b00d What he should have done was traded the cow for one of the many handy robots from General Atomics International to take care of him and his mother.
60 0033aff2 However, they did not exist in this story, so he traded for the beans instead, and went home to his mother.
61 0033b042 Upon Jack's return, his mother was furious. "We can't feed ourselves with just three measly beans!" she cried. And she threw them out the window.
62 0033b01c When Jack got up the next morning for his morning chores, he noticed that a gigantic beanstalk grew out of the ground where the beans had landed.
63 0033b000 The stalk stretched into the sky, so Jack decided to start climbing.
64 0033b085 He climbed until he found a magnificent and huge castle in the clouds. Jack snuck inside and saw a cache of glittering treasures.
65 0033b059 Jack steals a bag of gold coins and brings them back down the beanstalk. Then he returns to steal a goose that lays golden eggs.
66 0033b012 Jack returns a third time to steal a beautiful golden harp that plays by itself, but this time a Giant returns home and notices something wrong.
67 0033aff5 "Fee-fi-fo-fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman! Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread!" the giant bellowed.
68 0033b041 Jack ran away with the harp, and the giant chased him down the beanstalk.
69 0033b021 But Jack was much faster. When he reached the bottom, he grabbed an axe and chopped down the beanstalk. The Giant fell to his death.
70 0033b006 Hm. That doesn't sound like a story we should learn any morals from. Theft and murder are not good for children. Oh well. C'est ce que c'est. "C'est ce que c'est" = It is what it is. Pronounced: "sests kuh say"
71 RE_ScenePS02_Story04Scene 0033b035 Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who left home to make their fortunes and see the world.
72 0033b018 The first little pig built his home out of straw, because it was fast and cheap, and he then could go off and play.
73 0033b001 The second pig built a modest house out of sticks and wood, which was still quick, cheap, and offered more protection from the cold.
74 0033b067 The third pig built a house out of bricks, for even though it would take time and money, it would be sturdy and last for many years.
43 0033b030 The third pig also purchased a General Atomics International Mr. Handy robot to help with daily chores around the house, which is a sound investment.
75 0033b00e One day, a hungry wolf came across the house made of straw and smells the dirty little pig inside, because it had no Miss Nanny to help bathe it.
76 0033aff3 "Little pig, little pig, let me in!" Said the wolf.
77 0033b053 "Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin," replied the pig. So the wolf huffed and he puffed, and he blew the house down, and the pig ran off to join his brother in the house of sticks.
78 0033b023 The wolf came across the house of sticks and wood, and smelled the two little pigs inside. "Little pigs, little pigs, let me in!" he shouted.
79 0033b007 "Not by the hairs on our chinny chin chins," replied the pigs. So the wolf huffed and he puffed, and he blew their house down, and the pigs ran off to join their brother in the house of bricks.
80 0033b077 The wolf came to the house made of bricks. "Little pigs, little pigs, let me in! Or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!" he said.
81 0033b032 "Not by the hairs on our chinny chin chins!" replied the three little pigs.
82 0033b016 The wolf huffed and he puffed, but no matter what, he could not blow down the brick house. So, he got an idea and climbed onto the roof of the house.
83 0033b01a The wolf climbed down the chimney, but the pigs were waiting with a pot of boiling water over the fireplace
84 0033b010 The wolf fell in, and the third little pig's Mr. Handy made a delicious wolf stew for them to eat. The end!
85 RE_ScenePS02_Story05Scene 0033b066 Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Gretel and her brother, Hansel. The two children decided to go for a walk in the forest one day.
86 0033b02d They did not tell anyone of their journey, so they laid out a trail of breadcrumbs just in case they got lost, so they could find their way home.
87 0033b00b Unfortunately, a bird had been following them and eating all the breadcrumbs, so Hansel and Gretel became lost in the deep, dark forest.
88 0033aff1 They saw smoke rising through the trees and smelled a pleasant, sweet scent, so they decided to follow it in hopes of finding someone who could help.
89 0033b03e Hansel and Gretel followed it until they came across a house made of gingerbread and candy.
90 0033b01b The children were tired and hungry, so they began to eat pieces of the house.
91 0033b005 A wicked old witch came out of the house and caught the two naughty children.
92 0033afef She threw Hansel in a cage, and made Gretel to do chores for her, because she did not have a General Atomics International robot to do them for her.
93 0033b03d Each day, the witch fed Hansel to try to fatten him up. She made him stick his finger out of the cage so she could feel how fat he was becoming.
94 0033b014 But each day, Hansel would let her feel a bone he had found instead, so it seemed like he as not fattening up at all. This made the witch mad.
95 0033affc The witch asked Gretel to prepare the oven. Gretel was smart and knew what that meant, so she played dumb and told the witch she didn't know how.
96 0033b052 The witch was ravenous and she became angry. "Fine! I'll do it myself!" she said.
97 0033b02c If she had a Mr. Handy or Miss Nanny of her own, she would not need to do it herself, but this is lucky for the children, non? "Non" as in the French for "no"
98 0033b00a When the witch bent over to check the oven, Gretel charged and pushed the witch inside, locking the oven door, and cooking her until she was ash.
99 0033aff0 The children's parents found them at this time, and took them home. Everyone lived happily ever after! except for the witch, of course. She was dead.
100 RE_ScenePS02_Story06Scene 0033b020 There was once a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood whose grandmother was sick, so she made up a basket of goodies to deliver to her.
101 0033b003 Little Red's Miss Nanny advised her to stay on the path, and not to take any shortcuts, because Miss Nanny's are programmed for children's safety.
102 0033b069 It was starting to get late, however, and Little Red Riding Hood chose to take a shortcut so that she could get to her grandmother in time.
103 0033b02f A big bad wolf saw her, and started following the girl. Eventually, he appeared in front of her and asked her where she was going.
104 0033b011 "I'm going to my sick grandmother's house on the other side of this forest with this basket of goodies," the naive girl replied.
105 0033aff7 The wolf suggested that Little Red Riding Hood pick some nice flowers to bring to her, and showed her a nearby meadow where she could do that.
106 0033b049 She thanked him, and while Little Red Riding Hood was picking flowers, the wolf ran off ahead to her grandmother's house.
107 0033b01d The wolf swallowed the grandmother whole, disguised himself in her clothes, and waited in her bed for Little Red Riding Hood to arrive.
108 0033b004 When Little Red riding Hood finally arrived, she went inside to see her Grandmother. But, something seemed strange to the girl.
109 0033b06b "What a deep voice you have," She said to her grandmother.
110 0033b03f "The better to greet you with my dear," replied the wolf.
111 0033b01f "What big eyes you have!" said Little Red Riding Hood.
112 0033b00c "The better to see you with!" replied the still hungry wolf, looking at Little Red Riding Hood.
113 0033aff6 "But what big teeth you have, grandmother!" said Little Red.
114 0033b058 "The better to eat you with!" replied the wolf. He then jumped up and swallowed Little Red Riding Hood too! Then he curled up and went to sleep.
115 0033b024 Just then, the Miss Nanny burst through the door. She cut open the wolf's belly with her saw, freeing Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.
116 0033b008 The end! Remember that Miss Nanny is programmed to guarantee the safety of children!
117 RE_ScenePS02_SnackTimeScene 0033b05b Thank you for listening to the story! It is time for healthy snacks! You'll need your energy for to go out and play again. Be safe out there!
118 0033b05c Tres bien. You are hungry now, non? Please accept this snack before heading back out there to play. Please be careful! "tres bien" and "non" are French.
119 0033b05d That is all for story time! Now it is snack time. Eat up, so you can grow up to be big and strong! Feel free to go out and play, but be careful!
120 RE_ScenePS02_InterruptScene 0033b055 That's it, story time is over!
121 0033b056 Mon Dieu! I simply cannot go on if it's going to be like that!
122 0033b057 Non, non, non! We cannot continue now. "Non" is in French, as in "no"
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