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This is a transcript for dialogue with General's Steak House protectron.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003e1883 003e188d Free samples courtesy of the General's Steak House.
2 003e188e Hungry? Head on down to the General's.
3 003e188f Our steaks are a cut above the rest.
4 003e1884 003e188a Have you been down to General's Steak House yet?
5 003e188b Sorry, only one per customer. Don't forget to come visit us next time you're in town.
6 003e1885 003e1886 Here, try this. One of our perfectly marbled steaks from General's Steak House. Now made with 96 percent beef.
7 My internal temperature is 1000 degrees. The perfect temperature for broiling steaks.
8 Come on by next time you're in town. The best steaks are the General's Steaks.
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