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This is a transcript for dialogue with tour guide in REPCONN headquarters.

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GREETING GREETING Happy 75 Welcome to REPCONN Headquarters, Rocketeer! Come all this way to see our little facility, have you? 1
Happy 75 I'm here to answer any and all questions you may have - within specified parameters - and if you'd like, I can provide a tour of our museum. {Changes from over-friendly to low, serious at the "specified parameters" section, to give an underlying threat of the facility.} 2
GREETING Happy 75 Welcome back! Interested in a tour of the REPCONN museum? Or did you have a question about the company I could answer? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes? Did you have a question? 4
REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic001 I'd like a tour of the museum. Happy 75 Excellent, excellent! Please be patient, the tour will begin in just a moment. 5
I'd like another tour. Happy 75 I am so pleased you enjoyed the last tour! A new tour will begin in a moment, if you wish to wait. 6
REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic002 What can you tell me about REPCONN? Happy 75 I can answer whatever questions you'd like... {Warning} provided your query is limited to REPCONN history, research and development, or RobCo. {At the warning phrase, the tour guide's jovial attitude becomes slightly dangerous.} 7
REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic003 REPCONN's history. Neutral 50 REPCONN's illustrious history began way back in 2054, shortly after the famous Delta XI rocket was completed and launched. {Becomes a little nostalgic here, not quite as enthusiastic.} 8
Neutral 50 REPCONN's initial focus was on the development of fuel to be used in orbital propulsion in response to the energy crisis of 2052. Sad times, indeed. {Still nostalgic, then a little sad at the end.} 9
Neutral 50 The company really took off when RobCo purchased REPCONN in late 2076 to develop unmanned rockets to explore the solar system. 10
REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic004 Research and development. Neutral 50 As you may already know, REPCONN is an industry leader in producing alternative fuels for military and scientific purposes. {Confident, serious} 11
Happy 10 REPCONN scientists were pioneers in fission-based propulsion systems, and have recently had some very exciting breakthroughs with plasma systems. {Emphasis on very, he's tantalizing the listener into buying stock} 12
Neutral 50 The recent partnership with RobCo has freed our engineers from mundane business matters, allowing them to focus solely on future projects. {Chiding, as if the engineers were silly children to be concerned about business} 13
REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic005 Tell me about RobCo. Neutral 50 RobCo industries purchased REPCONN in 2075 to assist with some of RobCo's military projects, as well as developing unmanned space exploration. 14
Neutral 50 The relationship between RobCo and REPCONN is mutually beneficial, and we hope that both companies bolster each other well into the next century. 15
REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic006 That's enough about REPCONN. Happy 10 Very well, feel free to ask me more about REPCONN at {emphasis} any time, don't be shy. 16
Happy 10 The tour showcases REPCONN's amazing scientific contributions, and the promise of many more, coupled with its parent company, RobCo. 17

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GOODBYE Goodbye. Happy 75 Goodbye, Rocketeer, be sure to visit again! {lowers voice, warning} Oh, and please - for your own safety, stay outside of restricted areas. 18
REPCONHQTour00 REPCONHQTourStation00 Neutral 50 Ready for the REPCONN tour, Rocketeers? Courtesy of the fine folks at RobCo, I'll be your guide today on the path of... Scientific. Discovery. 19
REPCONHQTour01 REPCONHQTourStation01 Neutral 50 In the lead-lined case behind me is a spent radioactive rod from of our old reactors. No need to stand too close, let's move along, shall we? {Pushing the player along at the end.} 20
REPCONHQTour02 REPCONHQTourStation02 Neutral 50 Look here - a row of multi-colored plasma fuels! Careful, they may look safe to drink, but your stomach is the last place they should be. 21
REPCONHQTourStation02 Neutral 50 Why the difference in cylinder size? Refining our production methods has resulted in higher yields of fuel over time, that's why! 22
REPCONHQTour03 REPCONHQTourStation3 Neutral 50 To my right you can see a sample of some old "safety barrels" REPCONN once used to store radioactive waste. Perfectly safe. 23
REPCONHQTourStation3 Neutral 50 On my left is an example of a mountain of REPCONN safety barrels some legislators claim are poisoning our environment. Ridiculous. 24
REPCONHQTour04 REPCONHQTourStation Neutral 50 Behind me is our most recent rocket project, which we're keeping under our hats... until "launch," if you'll pardon the expression. 25
REPCONHQTourStation Neutral 50 And in front of me is a model - not actual size - of the launch dome we are using to send our rockets screeeeaming into orbit. 26
REPCONHQTour05 REPCONHQTour5 Neutral 50 Now these colorful fellows behind me are REPCONN's earliest... experiments in flight. Feel free to read the plaques and learn, Rocketeers! {Hesitates a bit at experiments, since each rocket was a disaster} 27
REPCONHQTour06 REPCONHQTour06 Neutral 50 Now for the highlight of our tour! Due to a generous donation from RobCo, this next exhibit showcases the wondrous world of - robots! 28
REPCONHQTour06 Happy 25 Around you are the incredible Eyebot, the fearsome Sentry Bot, and the {chuckles} always-helpful Mr. Handy. That helpfulness runs through our whole line! {incredible eyebot should be enthusiastic, fearsome downnote, and chuckles knowingly at Mr. Handy} 29
REPCONHQTour07 REPCONHQTour07 Neutral 50 This is the final stop on our tour. This model of our solar system is a small example of where the partnership between RobCo and REPCONN hopes to go. {Emphasis on "small"} 30
REPCONHQTour07 Neutral 50 See those little rockets zipping about? They are manned by robots, tirelessly looking for resources to mine on planets beyond our own. {Emphasize "robots" and "mine"} 31
REPCONHQTour07 Happy 75 And that's it for our tour today, Rocketeers - RobCo and its tiny partner REPCONN thank you! Any further questions, please, feel free to ask. {Downnote at tiny parner, like brushing it under the rug, and emphasis on "please"} 32
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