Oh, that? It's just a bit west of Novac, up in the mountains. Lots of broken equipment and such. Place is deserted. Or used to be, I guess. Lately there's been talk of ghouls up that way, but I can't rightly say whether it's so or not. If you want to know more, ask old No-bark.Cliff Briscoe

The REPCONN test site is a former rocket testing facility located almost directly west of Novac and just south of scorpion gulch. Its main inhabitants are ghouls, feral ghouls, Bright followers, glowing ones, and in the basement level, nightkin.


The remains of the old REPCONN (Rocket Engineering Production Company of Nevada) test plant, along with its landmark rocket launch dome, have sat idle over the years, and are now home to Feral Ghouls who come to terrorize the inhabitants of nearby Novac. However, within the facility, there's a prolonged stalemate going on between a band of Nightkin, devolved from Marcus' forces up at Jacobstown and lead by a deranged man-mountain named Davison. They are attempting to locate shipments of Stealth Boys. The ghouls are led by an intelligent, messianic glowing ghoul who dreams of escaping with his followers in the plant's remaining rockets.[1]


The complex was once a REPCONN facility used to launch their rockets. Three of REPCONN's rockets are still usable, and are fired either into space or into the ground during the quest Come Fly With Me.

The REPCONN facility is a vast compound nestled within a bowl-like valley. When entering into the facility via the road heading north a few feral ghouls will be encountered along with some dead nightkin and Bright Brotherhood near the entrance and scattered about the grounds. The building can be approached from the southeast side near some mixing tanks, there is a broken fence and some collapsed ground that will allow access onto the concrete walk way that leads to the main entrance. If approached from the south and choosing to go towards the monument/traffic circle five ghouls/glowing ones will be encountered, and then two more after getting near the main entrance. Upstairs in the bright follower area there are medical supplies, some components and random loot, but these all must be stolen with loss of Karma even if the quest Come Fly With Me is completed positively and the ghouls have left.

Connected to the Main building by a tunnel, there is a launch pad housing the three rockets used in the Come Fly With Me quest. The launch pad and rockets rise upwards to the surface level before they launch.


Notable lootEdit

  • At the entrance of the facility there is a Stealth Boy on a nightkin corpse, but it can only be picked up off the floor next to him. Another is found on the dining table in the room marked with a "Food" sign at the basement of main building.
  • Space suit and helmet on a shelf in the very last room of the basement, where the final assignments for the quest Come Fly With Me are given.
  • Storage room safe note on the administrator terminal in the facility.
  • On the second floor of the main test site facility behind an easy locked door is the manager's room, which has lots of ammunition on filing cabinets and an Easy locked safe containing 2 Stealth Boys.
  • A large number of microfusion cells and electron charge packs may be found on the dead Bright Brotherhood followers. More rarely, Plasma Defenders and laser RCWs can also be found on their corpses.
  • Prior to patch, five food sanitizers could be found in the basement of the REPCONN test site. Four were found on the table in the room marked with "Food" signs. The release of patch removed all instances of the item.

Related questsEdit


  • According to a computer terminal in the basement of the facility, 2 shipments of Stealth Boys were received and sent back to the manufacturer. This is in relation to the quest that Davison attempts to send the Courier on if they decide to bend to the will of Antler, a brahmin skull. It describes 5 Stealth Boys missing from one shipment. It also says that the 5 Stealth Boys were used by an employee to sexually harass other employees, stating it as 'workplace misbehavior'.
  • There is an upside-down gene projector in the room where Jason Bright is first met.
  • In the main lobby on the rocket suspended from the ceiling, the support cables are connected to the rocket and the ceiling by tiny garbage cans. These garbage cans can be looted like normal sized ones.
  • Despite moving downwards in the basement, the Courier ends up in a control room at the same level as the launch dome, which is on a hill much higher than the basement. If watched closely the launch platform is raised to the level seen outdoors.
  • If the Courier picks up or otherwise moves the brahmin skull named Antler while Davison is still there he will become hostile.
  • There might not be any ghouls or dead Bright followers around the test site the first time it is visited, to fix this problem discover the test site location on the Pip-Boy, fast travel to another location then fast travel back, the Courier will be in the middle of the feral ghouls but it will now be possible to obtain loot otherwise lost.
  • In the office with 2 Stealth Boys in the locked safe, faded pictures of Tenpenny Tower and other Fallout 3 locations can be seen.
  • On the administrator terminal there is an email discussing the change of a generator room into a storage room. This email also talks about a safe within the room and gives a password. The room in question is the same one where Harland is found. The safe doesn't exist.
  • The missing "O" from the REPCONN sign can be found at the Gibson scrap yard. Apparently, Old Lady Gibson has re-purposed it to serve as a chair.
  • Objects referencing the REPCONN test site in the G.E.C.K. (the nightkin found within, the Bright Brotherhood, etc.) are prefaced with the misspelled "REPCON."


The REPCONN test site appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

The constant explosions at REPCONN, as well as the name, are a reference to the PEPCON disaster. PEPCON (Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada), located in the desert near Henderson, was the largest producer of solid rocket fuel in the US. The factory exploded in 1988, killing two people and showering burning chunks of rocket fuel for five miles.


  • PCIcon pc After completing the quest Come Fly With Me, when exiting the platform overlooking the rocket takeoffs and proceeding to the research labs, then finally exiting through the door marked "Door to REPCONN Facility," the game may freeze (but not crash) before the player character exits the research labs, and remain frozen until one Alt+Tabs out of the game session and manually ends FalloutNV.exe. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 When wandering through the basement of the REPCONN Test Site where the Courier fights nightkin, closing a door while still walking forward and facing it will cause the player character to fall through the floor and be respawned at the original entrance to the nightkin area. This does not affect any weapons or items equipped. [verified]



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