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REPCONN Aerospace (Rocket Engineering and Production Company of Nevada)[Non-game 1][Non-game 2] was a company based in Henderson, Nevada that specialized in rocket manufacture, and production of alternate fuel sources, both plasma and fission based,[1] primarily for the U.S. government. Their headquarters and test site can still be found in the Mojave Wasteland.


Formed in 2054 after the famous Delta XI rocket was developed and launched, its original purpose was to develop new orbital propulsion systems in response to the energy crisis of 2052.[2] Research projects included those of nuclear fission, fossil fuel, and plasma-based propulsion.[2][3][4] Their earliest experiments in flight were almost uniformly disastrous,[5][6][7] but the company managed to continue functioning and expanding. Some of the results of these disasters were beneficial for future experiments and exploits, such as the destruction of the original launch facility providing research into better shielding.[8]

Julia Masters TV series

Chief financial officer Julia Masters

As REPCONN was dealing with slow business, two corporate giants, Poseidon Energy and RobCo Industries, made attempts to buy out the company. The former's bid was seen off by a decisive action by REPCONN's board of directors under the lead of Vice President Leonard Steeple and Chief Financial Officer Julia Masters, maintaining Steeple's intention to keep the company as far away from defense contracts as possible.[9]

RobCo eventually managed to acquire the company after a year of buying shares from 2075 to 2076,[2][10] when Steeple's allies turned against him. The vice president tried to rally the board again and sought help from Masters,[9] but while the CFO officially agreed to support him,[11] she was actually working with General Manager Piers Isley to sell the company.[12] Citing the profit of a merger with RobCo (not to mention avoiding a hostile takeover and a much less amicable transition), Isley and Masters managed to undermine Steeple's position in the company and get the board of directors to pass a vote of no confidence against Steeple, after he refused to even consider selling his part of the company, in order to maintain their independence and integrity. Failing the vote, Steeple stepped down from his position as vice president.

All the time, the company continued its research into rocketry and astronautics, despite numerous setbacks, accidents and disasters. Although all of these incidents were restricted to the Henderson area, along with nearby towns and communities,[13] they would quickly become popularized due to various incidents, including, but not limited to: The REPCONN Shakes, an illness caused by children thinking the Isotope-239 igniting agent inside was Nuka-Cola, requiring the company to lock them away.[14] Careless radioactive waste disposal would also come into play due to legal concerns and downplaying environmental damage.[15][16] However, the research efforts were severely hampered by a disaster during one of the experiments, where a poor work ethic, cutting corners and an underqualified team caused a disastrous radiation spill that would take decades to clear up, significantly weakening REPCONN's position with RobCo. The launch facility manager responsible for the disaster, Steve Reynolds, used his old friend, Martin Neimeyer, as scapegoat.[17]

With no obstacle in the way, the company was acquired by RobCo Industries. Carl Rook, transferred from RobCo's security division, became the new vice president, focusing on improving the security within the company to meet RobCo's standards.[18] Robert House, CEO of RobCo, used the newly acquired company for a weapons research program for Colonel Moretti of the US military, repurposing REPCONN's proprietary plasma rocket propulsion system into a quantum matter modulation-based weapon.[19][20][21]

The resulting Quantum Plasma Modulation Matter Injection Rifle project suffered numerous design issues and setbacks. It was only after schematics from Poseidon Energy's own failed plasma rifle project, Project SEMELE, were obtained by Carl Rook and given to the project's senior engineer Xuan Duong, that REPCONN's matter modulator project produced a working prototype.[22][23][24] Called the "urban plasma rifle," these new weapons were slated to enter full military service.[25] The resulting Q-35 prototype was scheduled to be transferred directly to the Department of Defense. Meanwhile, research continued into creating rocketry that would one day visit distant planets to mine for resources to send back to Earth.[26]

Unbeknownst to anyone working on the project, a senior executive at REPCONN was actually acting as a mole for an outside party, leaking information on the matter modulator project. The mole was none other than CFO Julia Masters, who even conspired to have her contacts steal the Q-35 prototype while it was in transit.[27] Sara Wang, an IT specialist for REPCONN, had detected the messages between Julia and her contacts, but did not know who was sending them, nor who they were being sent to. She speculated that the recipient was Poseidon Energy, but did not have evidence to prove her claim. Her investigation into the mole was ongoing under the authority of Carl Rook, but the Great War put an end to any remaining subterfuge or countersubterfuge within the company.[28]



Behind the scenes[]

REPCONN Aerospace is based on the real world PEPCON (Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada), a chemical plant formerly located in Henderson, Nevada, that produced ammonium perchlorate, an oxidizer used in solid propellant rocket boosters. The chemical plant is infamously known for a disastrous fire in 1988 which spread to and ignited stored rocket fuel, the resulting explosions leveling the facility and damaging buildings up to five miles away.[Non-game 3]



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