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This is a transcript for dialogue with Settler.


1841RESceneCT03Scene0018206A{InPain} Please, do you have any RadAway? I think I may be dying.Player Default: Sure. Here you go.A
1842182069Player Default: Sure. Here you go.{Grateful} Oh thank you! You just saved my life.A1a
1843Player Default: Sure. Here you go.{Depressed} Sure, sure. If you happen to find some, don't forget where I am.A2a
1844182068Player Default: Sorry, no.{Depressed} Didn't think so.B1a
1845182067Player Default: I've seen worse. You don't look like you're dying.{Pleading} It's just a matter of time. If I can't treat it, it'll only get worse.Player Default: Sure. Here you go.X1a
1846182066Player Default: You think you're dying?{Afraid} If I don't get help soon, I know I am.Player Default: Sure. Here you go.Y1a
1847-182061I'm just going to stay here a bit to regain my strength.
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