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This is a transcript for dialogue with Simon.


1REChokepointCT02_Guard01Convo0018A6C3{Stern} No funny business.Player Default: I won't be any trouble.A
2{Stern} If you're not here for the good stuff, get lost.Player Default: I won't be any trouble.A
3{Stern} Hope you're packin' caps.Player Default: I won't be any trouble.A
4{Stern} Better not be here to waste our time.Player Default: I won't be any trouble.A
50018EA06Player Default: What are you guys doing out here?{Neutral} Working. Gotta earn those caps, right? Jet don't pay for itself!Y1a
60018EA07Player Default: Relax. I'm not here to cause any problems.{Irritated} Good to hear. Never know who you'll encounter out and about in the Commonwealth.X1a
70018EA08Player Default: Quit wasting my time.{Amused} I think you're the one wasting mine. Get out of here.B1a
80018EA09Player Default: I won't be any trouble.{Sarcastic} Better not be. Stash takes care of a lot of people, including me. We'd be on you like rads on ghouls.A1a