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# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0004a3ad Do I know you? I'm busy, leave me alone.
2 0004c671 Ah! Oh good, it's just you. What do you want? Surprised, as if you just snuck up on her, but quickly relieved. She's a bit jumpy.
3 00098b3d Well now, look who it is! My favorite person, in this particular place, at this particular moment! Friendly and sincere, but because it's convenient. There's an ulterior motive here.
4 00152097 Oh yeah, nothing like Psychotats to put my mind and body on high alert. Might want to scram in case things get a little extra violent around here!
5 0019bfd7 Ah, Overdrive, it's been too long. Time to get reckless!
6 0019bff1 Mmm... Orange Mentats. Remember how awful these used to taste after brushing your teeth? Glad we don't have to worry about that anymore!
7 0019bffb Look, I know you're thinking: "Why does Rose need Grape Mentats." Because they taste good, feel good, and you need to stop asking so many questions.
8 0019c026 Berry Mentats are my favorite flavor, the hyper-focus is just a lucky side-effect.
9 0032da85 Oh... you're still here? Don't you have something to go out and do for me?
10 0033f444 Look, I like you and all, but you're kind of cramping my style right now.
11 0033f445 You're just going to sit there a while and crowd my space, aren't you?
12 0033f446 Hey, c'mon, we're not going to learn anything if you don't get out there and make like a Raider.
13 0033f447 Go. do. the thing. I asked. you. to do! Now! Pausing after most words so each one sinks in. Treating the player like they're just not getting it.
14 0033f448 What are you doing hanging around here? Creep.
15 0033f449 I don't know what you think's going to happen if you keep bugging me instead of getting to work, but I don't think you'd like it.
16 0033f44a Maybe you weren't listening the first time. I really want to know how these Raider tactics work out for you.
17 I don't want to hear about how crazy and dangerous they sound, just get out there and try them out before I die of boredom.
18 0033f44b Hey, uh... new friend person... I know you're new to all this, so I'll play nice. Polite, but kind of condescending
19 When the crazy, chem-addled, murderous robot asks you to do something for her, and offers rewards, you should probably go do it. For reasons. Polite, but kind of condescending
20 0033f44c The sooner you finish up and get back here, the quicker we'll both profit. So, get to it, will you?
21 00352f3e Those key fragments aren't going to find themselves you know.
22 00352f3f You know, I'm not here to hold your hand. You're a big boy. You can do this yourself.
23 00352f40 You know, I'm not here to hold your hand. You're a big girl. You can do this yourself.
24 00352f41 You know, having someone hang over your shoulder while you work is super obnoxious. By the way, that someone is you right now.
25 00352f42 Did I mention there's tons of riches just sitting in that cache, waiting to be looted?
26 Too bad we can't get to any of it until you get out of here and find those keys!
27 00352f43 Sure would be nice if someone's lazy ass got to work on finding those key fragments already. Big sigh at the start
28 00352f44 Hmm. Do they realize I'm just going to... Oh hi there. How are you doing on finding the key fragments? Muttering suspiciously to herself at first, then she realizes the player is still there.
29 I'm just... thinking of what we're going to do with all that treasure! I mean, gosh, there's going to be so much of it!
30 00352f45 I would go find this stuff myself, but someone's got to keep an eye out for you and manage the radio.
31 00352f46 Look, I don't want to be rude, but besides getting us what we need, there's another reason I want you hurry up and get outta here.
32 You're kind of stinking up the place real bad.
33 I know it's a wasteland out there, but the parts of me that are still Miss Nanny really want to give you a bath, and I am not comfortable with that.
34 00352f47 Um, let me know if you happen across any extra chems out there while you're picking through the old Raider settlements.
35 I'm... uh... asking for a friend.
36 00352f48 Sorry, are you standing around wasting time because you can't figure out how to get back down there? Do you need a little push?
37 0035b788 Hmm... now what should I do? Lure unsuspecting survivors to their deaths, or recruit new Raiders? Decisions, decisions...
38 0035b789 I can't think of anything to make you do for me right now, so how about you get out of here until I need you?
39 0035b78a I'm glad I let you live, but I also like my personal space, so maybe don't hang around when I don't need you here.
40 0035b78b What was that? Oh, phew... I thought I saw some big ugly creeper in the corner of my eyes. Turns out it was just you. Startled, a little paranoid, then relieved
41 0035b78c I could kill for some Psycho... Hey... you. Got any Psycho?
42 0035b78d It's so much better now that the Radio's working. Maybe I can get in contact with others like you, start the Raiders up again?
43 Ah, a girl can dream, can't she?
44 0035b78e Eh, you don't know it now, but I'll make a Raider of you yet. You'll see.
45 0035b78f Maybe the reason so many of my gang died was because their tactics were all crap?
46 Eh, who cares. Sometimes the stupider it is, the more fun it is!
47 0035b790 I wonder which Raider gang you would have fit into? Probably your own weird gang, huh?
48 0035b791 It's fun watching you work out there. Makes me yearn for the days I was out there maiming unsuspecting survivors and blowing shit up. Ah, good times!
49 0035b792 Hey, uh... just a reminder. If you ever find anything really cool in that cache, remember who didn't kill you and/or actually screw you over.
50 0035b793 Hey, if you have any particularly weak and stupid friends with some good gear on them, do you think you could...
51 Nah, who am I kidding. It was worth a shot.
52 0035b794 Agh... does it frustrate you knowing that there's so few people left to raid out there?
53 Maybe once someone does something about those damn flying beasts out there, people will return and then I can kill 'em and take their stuff. emphasize "I"
54 0035c96a Ok. Get the radio running. Check. Determine the best Raider tactics. Check. Open the cache. Check.
55 Guess all that's left is to build a Raider army and bliss myself out on some good chems. What a time to be alive!
56 0035c96b What a disappointment that my gang friends left behind such crap in that cache of theirs. I don't know what I expected.
57 I guess it's kind of funny they thought they'd actually be able to return to normal life after the world went and got destroyed.
58 0035c96c I was just thinking about the time I sent you out to die because I thought it'd be funny. No hard feelings, eh?
59 You're fine, you survived. And, look at all the great things we've accomplished because of it!
60 I'm the best teacher.
61 0035c96d Just remember, out of all the people scraping by to survive the crazy world out there until you people came along, I alone remained.
62 Not any of my Raider pals, not any of the Responder morons, not even those armored tin-can suit jerks.
63 Think about that if you ever decide to cross me.
64 0035c96e What's the word for someone whose presence kind of bugs you, but you sort of need them, and don't want them to completely abandon you?
65 Not asking for any reason in particular.
66 0035c96f Hey you, Look out the window. Everything you see is my territory, and if you play your cards right, one day it could all be yours.
67 Hah, who am I kidding, you're probably going to die way before I will, but don't let that get you down.
68 0035c970 I can't believe all those other idiots got themselves killed or ran off. Buncha cowards, if you ask me.
69 How's anyone going to fear the Raiders if there aren't any Raiders left? Figures, if anyone was going to get anything done around here, it'd be me.
70 0035c971 Haha, I can't believe you got me into the Emergency Broadcast System! This is better than I could have hoped for!
71 I could kiss you, but I'm programmed to eviscerate anyone who isn't authorized to kiss me.
72 003d10fb
73 003d1140
74 003d1141
75 003d1142
76 Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopic 0051890d Hey, I don't know you and I don't trust you yet. You're not getting up here until you help me get my radio signal boosted.
77 0051890e No way. Fix my radio signal, then I'll let you come up. Emphasize "then"
78 0051890f I can't just let some chump up here unless I trust them. Do what I asked: fix my signal with that radio repeater, then we'll see.
79 00518910 Until you help me with my radio problem, that button's not going to do anything for you.
80 00518911 Sure, keep pressing that button. It ain't gonna do you any good until I unlock it from my side. And, I'm not going to do that until you fix my radio.
81 00518912 I don't know you and I don't trust you. I have been asking for someone to help boost my radio signal, though. Maybe do that. Emphasis on "have"
82 00518913 You're persistent, I'll give you that. But, I still won't let you in until you help me boost my signal.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00352f39 Hey, uh... As if she's considering whether to tell the player something or not.
2 003b12af Hey, it's you: whatever your name was. You got those key fragments for me?
3 MTNL01_Raiders_Rose_
0004a284 I'll take those for safekeeping. There's just one more little thing. draw out the word "one"
4 David had a mistress named Rosalynn. She wound up doing something stupid out of love for the man. A little annoyed, as if this person was in direct competition for David's affection
5 Tried to lead a raid on Charleston on Christmas Eve so she could bring him back something nice. Got herself killed in the process. She looks down on Rosalynn's action, even though she's talking about the person she's effectively modeled after.
6 We never were able to recover the body. I would have gone to do this myself, but well, it's... personal. Serious. Even though she's scamming the player here, this is a personal issue. She doesn't want to be reminded that she's a facsimile of someone else
7 Now, in order to create the cache master key from those passwords you got, I need the holotape program she had with her when she died. Informative.
8 You might have to look through the town's records to find out where they buried her body. I'd start with the Capitol Building.
9 That's the last thing, I swear. Then we're golden. She realizes that she's asking for more and more.
10 Meet me at the cache in the basement of the ski lodge when you've got that holotape!
11 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_End 0004a3bb Hey, sorry to break it to you, but I was going to cheat you. I don't need a program to decrypt the key fragments. I'm a freakin' robot. Like she has a bit of a conscience slip, so she's being completely honest, and she's a little surprised the player bought her lies.
12 I just wanted you out of the way so I could get first dibs at the loot. Least I'm honest about it, right?
13 Thing is, I couldn't go through with it. Expressing a change of heart. This is sincere.
14 Either you've made me a better person, or there's some old remnant of Miss Nanny firing up and making me care about people. Sincere, but almost like she can't believe this is happening. She's reluctantly admitting it, but she does actually feel bad for her actions.
15 It's all worthless pre-war junk anyway! You can have as much of it as you want. Now, it's no big deal. Like, who cares. She's tough. She doesn't need anything. She doesn't want the player to know she's got a soft spot.
16 There might be some good loot, but that bucket o' bolts bellhop down there won't cough it up without a claim ticket. Good luck finding one of those! A little disdain for the Bellhop.
17 I couldn't even shake it out of him, and believe me, I tried! It's all yours if you can figure something out.
18 So there you go, that's it. Eh, don't get all teary-eyed, I'm sure we'll still do business together again soon. Until then, toodles! Again, like this is no big deal. She has a soft spot for the player, but doesn't want to let on that she does.
19 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004a436 Hey you, I watched you kill David through the viewfinder. So, that's a thing that happened. Sad, but she knew it had to be done.
20 I'm hoping that by now you've got everything we need. Hurry back so we can bust that cache wide open and see what's inside. Regains her composure.
21 No one's been inside since before they made me, so I've been dying to see all the great crap they've kept hidden for all these years! Back to excited. She's imagining all the great stuff that's about to be uncovered.
22 Don't keep me waiting! Impatient, but friendly and excited.
23 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004c7b0 Hey, I hope you're still alive out there, wherever you are, else I'm talking to a corpse. She's lost track of the player again.
24 I assume the Gourmands just ate each other to death. I'll never ask what actually happened. The thought of eating another human grosses me out. Disgusted, when talking about this part. Cannibalism gives her the heebie jeebies.
25 Makes me glad robots were never on their menu. Some relief.
26 So, there's one more key fragment. This one belonged to the Cutthroats. David, the guy who led us, is alive - or something like it. She quickly adds "or something like it"
27 I saw him roaming around out there, near his favorite barbecue shack, turned into one of those Scorched things. There should be some underlying longing and sadness to this. She doesn't explicitly say it, but there was something like love between the two.
28 It breaks my heart to see him like that. He could be a real jackass, but he doesn't deserve that fate. There should be some underlying longing and sadness to this. She doesn't explicitly say it, but there was something like love between the two.
29 Now I'd bet anything he's still got his key fragment on him.
30 So really, you'd be doing everyone involved a huge favor by putting him out of our collective misery and taking the key. Toughening up a little here. She knows what needs to be done, even if she doesn't like it.
31 Kiss him goodbye for me. Actually, don't. He's probably all malformed and disgusting now. Yeah. Yuck. Should sound tough, but then she realizes what she said might actually be pretty disgusting in practice.
32 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004a478 Hey, I kind of lost track of you out there. I was uh... busy doing some stuff, and by stuff, I mean chems. She can't really do chems, but she tries. This should feel obligatory, as if she suddenly remembered her responsibility to the player.
33 You know, I almost feel bad for ol' Margie. Smart as a whip, but never did like to get her hands dirty, and couldn't hack it when push came to shove. Actually sincere about Margie. It turns out she actually admired something about her, even though she doesn't think too highly of her otherwise.
34 Anyway, did you find her key? Let's pretend you did and move on, I don't have all day to watch you putter about. Hey, speaking of putters... Getting impatient again.Realizes she inadvertently made a joke about putters, since she's sending the player to a golf course.
35 I'm not sure what you'll find at Bolton Greens, but I am sure that whatever happened to the Gourmands, it was as grisly and inhuman as they were. She gets a little disgusted when she starts mentioning the Gourmands.
36 Good luck. You'll forgive me for not watching this time. Kind of washing her hands of this one.
37 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004c68a I see some commotion over in Huntersville. Gotta be you, huh? Yeah, I kind of figured the mutant brutes got to Walter and the Trappers. Real shame. She's piecing together what happened. She's not too torn up over the Trappers, but it was a loss nonetheless.
38 Then again, maybe it wasn't such a bright move, sticking around when they found out the town was run amok with those big dumb galoots. She doesn't think the Trappers were all too smart, and she's not afraid to say as much.
39 Why don't you go figure out what happened to the Diehards next? Probably just plain starved after Margie vanished. Buncha useless old softies. She really doesn't care for the Diehards, and she's not afraid to speak her mind about them.
40 Margie had her own room at the Sunnytop Ski Lanes. It's her last known location. See if she left anything behind.
41 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004a42a Hey, you're back! I guess you found it huh? I'm just going to assume ya did and move on. Excited that the player didn't die. Anxious to move on though.
42 Let's check with the Trappers next. They had a camp out near the Devil's Backbone so they could keep an eye out along the road from the southeast.
43 We never did find out what happened to them. We were spread pretty thin by the time they disappeared. Someone, or something, probably got to them. stress "-thing" on "something"
44 Maybe they left a note behind or some other clue.
45 They were real outdoorsy types. Liked camping and hunting. Be careful searching the camp for their piece of the key.
46 If it wasn't obvious, they were really into traps. She feels that she has to explain this to the player even though it's painfully obvious.
47 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004c603 Rose here. Not that I'm a creep, but I was watching you through the viewfinder again and saw you enter the mine. Can you still hear me? She asks, but realizes she doesn't expect an answer.
48 Ah whatever, it's not like you can radio back. Anyhoo! If I recall, we completely lost track of the Blackwater Bandits back in '96.
49 Freddie wasn't looking too good last time we saw her alive. Not her usual bright and spirited self. Real sick. Her hair looked awful. Honestly, she was a little concerned. But there's some lightheartedness here.
50 Something happened in that mine hideout of theirs. Not sure what, but if you can figure it out, I bet you'll be able to track down that key fragment. Rose is not too down in the dumps about it though.
51 I'll catch back up with ya when I see you crawl out of that cave.
52 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
00352f3a Emergency! Emergency! I am all out of alcohol! Should sound a little distressed until "out of alcohol." Draw out "all." Should sound a little drunk.
53 Somehow, I doubt this is what those pre-war losers thought their emergency broadcast system would be used for. Should sound slightly drunk.
54 Now where was I? Oh, yeah. I don't really need more alcohol. It's starting to go to my head, or circuitry, or whatever. Should sound a little drunk
55 Can I even really get drunk? Who knows? I'm a robot! Should sound a little drunk.
56 Nah, I got something else to tell you, but shhhh... shh shh shh... you gotta come talk to me in person. See you when I see you. Still drunk, but kind of a tired drunk here. Perks up at the end for "See you when I see you"
57 MTNL01_Raiders_Rose_Intro 00352f3b I feel like I trust you enough now to let you in on a little secret. she's being frank with the player.
58 My old Raider pals left a cache of treasures behind when they all checked out. Problem is it's locked away and I can't get in there. This frustrates her a little bit. She's been dying to know what's inside.
59 Double problem: No one trusted each other enough to give anyone complete access to the treasure. Doubly annoyed.
60 So they split up the key. See, each gang's leader had a holotape with their own personal password on it.
61 Find 'em all so I can patch 'em together and make the master key. It's more technical than that, but you wouldn't understand. She talks down to the player a little bit, because she assumes she's way smarter than they are.
62 Then, we'll have ourselves access to all that wonderful treasure. I'll probably even give you a fair share of the loot. Promise. Excited. Even though she's being sincere, there should be a little doubt that she'll actually come through with her promise.
63 Check out Blackwater Mine first. That's the last place we heard from Freddie Lang, the leader of the Blackwater Bandits.
64 Pretty sure she had a terminal there. Might be worth a look-see.
65 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
00352f38 Ok, I see you made it into the city. There's something you should know, if it isn't already painfully obvious. It's almost as if this information haunts her a little bit.
66 Charleston got flooded in a bad way.
67 When David learned they killed Rosalynn, he took the mini nukes we had stolen from the Brotherhood of Steel and rigged them to blow up the dam. Serious.
68 Damn near wiped the entire city off the map. She doesn't have love for Charleston.
69 Last I checked, the Capitol Building is still standing. If any place was going to have records of any of this, it'd be there.
70 Here's hoping you don't have to dig up half the town to find what you're looking for.
71 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
003b12ae I'll be straight with you, I think we're past the point where I just want to use you to further my own goals. I may be starting to like you. She's kind of impressed with the player now, and doesn't mind telling them as much.
72 Now I don't want you thinking your pal Rose is going soft on you, so just let me say this.
73 If you ever get it in your head to screw me over, I will gut you with this here saw and string your entrails up like Christmas tinsel. Pleasantly threatening. The sort of thing you'd say to be threatening, through a bright and cheerful smile.
74 Nothing personal.
75 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
003b1bcf I know it sounds like a set-up to screw you over and make off with all the loot myself. I've got nothing to make you trust me, but here's the deal. She knows the player has no reason to trust her, and is willing to admit that. Still she tries to downplay it so it doesn't sound like a big deal.
76 You don't really have a choice. If we want to get into that cache, you'll do this. For us. Dead serious, but cheerful.
77 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
003b1ec6 Oh, and before I forget: that uplink, or whatever you were looking for, is also in the cache. Hooray. You got it. Go you. Nonchalant and a bit sarcastic. Everything starting with "Hooray..." should lack real enthusiasm.
78 Now don't go forgetting about me just because you got what you came for. I will find you.
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# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 Unused_Recorded_Dialogue_Rose_MTNZ01 00150ecf Hey... Hey you! I know you're out there! I know you're listening! I need you to do a favor for your best friend Rose.
2 See, I got this itch for a very particular substance. It's not like I need it. I just... really, really want it.
3 You know, to the point of, if I don't get it, heads will roll. Now, I don't want that to happen, do you? See where I'm at?
4 So someone had better be a pal and get me my damn chems before I flip out and kill something! Hurry, and I'll make it worth it to you. Sound good?
5 001520ed You got the X-Cell? C'mon, Give it over. Hurry up, I'm dyin' here! There it is... That's the stuff... Ahhhhhh... I feel like I can do anything now!
6 0019bff3 Good, you found it. I'd offer to let you mainline this Psychobuff with me, but I get a little rowdy on the stuff, and I don't like to share, got it?
7 0019c004 Give that Fury here... Ahh yeah.. I just... feel like SCREAMING! AGHHHH! RAARGH! COME AT ME! YOU'VE GOT NOTHING! NOTHING! RAAAAGH!
8 0019c01f Bufftats! How'd you know I needed a fix? Oh yeah, I asked you for them.
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