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Ralphie movie poster

RALPHIE the Robot's Incredible Odyssey![1] is a pre-War TV series and, according to the poster, tells the incredible odyssey of an eyebot named RALPHIE.


The plot of the show is based around a boy named Tommy finding an eyebot on the side of the road with his dad, taking it in and getting it fixed by his mom, and avoiding capture by a General Winters.

It was shown every Saturday on Vault-Tec Channel 9.

Poster locationsEdit

Refer to Feel Like a Kid Again for all locations.


The RALPHIE the Robot's Incredible Odyssey! movie poster appears in the X-17 meteorological station, Securitron de-construction plant and The Sink in Big MT in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues and prominently in Lonesome Road.


  1. ED-E clone's dialogue: Narrator - "Next week on RALPHIE the Robot's Incredible Odyssey!"
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