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RALPHIE poster

RALPHIE the Robot's Incredible Odyssey![1] was a pre-War TV series that, according to the poster, showed the incredible odyssey of an eyebot named RALPHIE.


The television program RALPHIE the Robot's Incredible Odyssey! entails an eyebot that escaped from a military installation who, according to an advertisement, must go on an incredible odyssey while avoiding capture by a General Winters. A line of toys based on the series were also manufactured.[2]

ED-E used to watch old tapes of it when still at Adams Air Force Base with Dr. Whitely. Due to the similarity between Ralphie's adventures and his own, ED-E has only grown fonder of the program. It was shown every Saturday on Vault-Tec Channel 9.[1]

Poster locations


The show's theme song is a digitized version of Jingle, Jangle, Jingle, played by ED-E shortly before being ambushed by raiders, played in segments by ED-E's clone in Lonesome Road, and in full when sacrificing himself at the end of the DLC.[3]


The RALPHIE the Robot's Incredible Odyssey! poster appears in the X-17 meteorological station, Securitron de-construction plant and The Sink in Big MT in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues and prominently in Lonesome Road.


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