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SSGT R.B. Vickers was a U.S. Marine who served in China before the Great War.


Vickers was deployed in Nanjing from June to August, before being transferred to Shanghai from September to May.[1] At a later date, their combat armor was acquired by Randall Clark in Zion Canyon, which lists their name (VICKERS, R.B.), rank (SSGT), and blood type (O POS) on the front.[2]


R.B. Vickers is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Behind the scenes




  1. Bethesda.net/products gear.bethesda.net - "The armor that this statue wears is carrying a long, meaningful history including two lives—those of Sergeant R.B. Vickers, a soldier who served in the Yangtze Campaign, and Randall Clark, also known as the Survivalist or the Father in the Cave. Three lives, if you count yours as the Courier in Zion Canyon. Behind the figure is a hint of another layer in its story: the flag of the New California Republic."


  1. Question: "On the desert ranger combat armor R.B. Vickers is painted on the armor. Was this going to be Clark's name and was just changed at the last minute or is it his friend's armor, or just some dude's, that died and Clark was just using it to survive in Zion?"
    Joshua Sawyer: "R.B. Vickers is the name of the armor's original owner."
    (Joshua Sawyer on Formspring 18 May 2011)
  2. Question: "What's the significance of the "FORGIVE ME MAMA" on the helmet? Also, when did Vickers rotate back to the States? April 2077?"
    Joshua Sawyer: "The text on the Desert Ranger Helmet is part of a recurring theme within Honest Hearts."
    (Joshua Sawyer on Formspring 23 May 2011)
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