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Quinn Carter was a journalist for the Charleston Herald before the Great War. Her office can be found across from B. Breyer's on the third floor of the Charleston Herald building, marked with a nameplate reading, "Q. Carter."


Shortly before the Great War, Carter was contacted for an interview by disgraced Senator Sam Blackwell after his sudden disappearance from office. The invitation arrived in an unaddressed letter in a handmade envelope.[1] Skeptical of its authenticity, Carter used a favor with the Charleston Police Department to successfully match the fingerprints on the package.[2]

At dawn, Carter was met at Berkeley Springs Station by two masked figures, Sam and Judith Blackwell. Although masked, the reporter recognized Judith, having previously met the senator's daughter at the Governor's Ball. The pair led Carter eastward to Sam Blackwell's bunker, putting a bag over her head to maintain the location's secrecy.[2] In the interview, the senator revealed that his and his daughter's lives were being threatened, formally resigning from the senate and warning citizens of the sinister forces at work in the government.[3][4]

Quinn's resulting Charleston Herald article was highly controversial, angering the public and catching the attention of the government.[5] Being one of the few people to have had contact with the elusive senator after his disappearance, the Enclave marked Quinn as a high priority target in Agent Grey's hunting of Blackwell.[6] Despite calls for Carter's resignation and severe threats from the United States government, the Charleston Herald editorial board chose to support Quinn Carter, quoting the freedom of the press and duty to report important news without compromising their sources.[7][8] Despite the general public outcry, Carter's acts led some people to think of her as Appalachia's most trusted news source, and as such a whistleblower tried to contact her about Grafton Steel's misdeeds.[9]

Carter survived the Great War and, prior to the Christmas Flood of 2082, continued to cover press conferences given by the Charleston Emergency Government.[10]

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Quinn Carter is mentioned in Fallout 76.