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The Quincy ruins is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is the sacked city where the Commonwealth Minutemen made their last stand.


See also: Quincy Massacre

The hometown of John Adams, John Quincy Adams and John Hancock, this town was briefly occupied by the Commonwealth Minutemen. However, the town was sieged by the Gunners after Clint, a fellow Minuteman, betrayed his own for a position of leadership. The abandoned town was repurposed as a Gunner fortress, with two distinct sections, including the town itself and the fortifications on the highway.[1]


Baker will be on the church rooftop wielding a Fat Man. Inside of this unmarked church building is Sturges' terminal, which tells of Mama Murphy predicting an attack on the settlement and the settlers requesting help from the Minutemen, as well as a "couple suits of power armor" - Tessa's suit (the one that "won't start" and had to be dragged there), and the one lying on the overpass' wooden lookout, which Clint tries to reach in case of danger.

The last entry on Sturges' terminal is from a Gunner, stating that a small group escaped the attack and fled under the pursuit of a Gunner lieutenant and his squad; this presumably being the twenty people, including Preston Garvey and his group, whose numbers would diminish by the time of reaching Concord. There is a power armor station and a weapons workbench within the church. Another station is across the street at the Red Rocket to the west.

From the top of the church, one can reach the Gunner camp. The camp rests in the northern part of the ruins, on the freeway overpass. The overlook can be accessed by crossing any of three bridges connecting to the roofs of the adjacent church, the radio tower, and a house. The stronghold hosts several living quarters among the derelict cars, and a collapsed road in the western part leads to the second tier. This tier holds a watchtower and small command station between two trailers. The command center has a terminal and a steamer trunk. There is also a parking garage located in the south of the ruins, which contains two leveled radscorpions burrowed in the ground.


Notable loot

  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - On the lower level of the elevated freeway, in the cooking area west of the church entrance.
  • Mini nuke - On the upper level of the elevated freeway, in the small wooden shack. It should be located under the table with the radio and ammo box.
  • Guns and Bullets - On the upper level of the elevated freeway, next to the terminal. Take the church up and follow the path west to the ramp leading up, then around the other side of the truck right at the ramp.
  • Good Intentions - Unique laser rifle carried by Clint, who will be wearing mixed T-51/T-60 power armor minus the helmet and can be found just past the ramp to the upper level of the elevated freeway. He can occasionally be found out of the armor, mainly at night, at which point it can be stolen. If it cannot be found on Clint, check around the truck and trailer on the lower level of the freeway by the beds. Take the church up and follow the path west to the ramp leading up and the truck and trailer are in front of the ramp.
  • Tessa's Fist - Unique raider right arm power armor, looted from Tessa.
  • Tessa's holotape and an almost complete set of heavy combat armor - Looted from Baker.
  • Fusion core - One on the first floor of the church, in a wooden box next to the terminal; another on the second floor of the police station, in a wooden box on a desk near a cooler and ammo box.
  • Mama Murphy's note - Quincy Apartments, on a dresser on the upper floor in a heavily-furnished room, accessible from both the diner and Guns Guns Guns.
  • Mama Murphy's stash - Quincy Apartments, cooler containing a large number of chems, on the balcony accessible from the room containing Mama Murphy's note.
  • Creation Club Receiver schematics - In a store, in an Expert-locked safe.
  • Creation Club Quincy shop key - In a nearby cash register.

Related quests


  • In the far cell of the Quincy police station, a skeleton can be seen who unsuccessfully tried to tunnel out of his cell with a wooden spoon.
  • Fast traveling to this location will spawn the Sole Survivor in the middle of the ruins and surrounded by Gunners if they have not been cleared or have respawned.
  • As soon as the enemies on the elevated freeway note the player character's presence, Clint will try to enter the power armor located on the wooden lookout. To prevent him from doing so, the player character can try to kill everyone from a distance, or run to enter the power armor before him, although that will be considered stealing. Quickly killing the Gunners can also be achieved by climbing the freeway by its east end and past some fragmentation mines.
  • If the Sole Survivor fast travels away from Quincy ruins after killing Tessa, Clint, and Baker, but has not defeated all of the remaining Gunners, the entire area will respawn upon the Survivor's return with a Gunner lieutenant, Gunner captain, and assaultron dominator in their place. These variants may be based upon the player character's level.
  • This is the only point of reference for more details on the life of Jun Long, Marcy Long, Mama Murphy, and Sturges prior to finding them in Concord. Inside Quincy Pharmacy are terminal entries authored by Jun.
  • Inside the liquor store is a terminal without any entries or holotape, making it useless.

Companion comments

  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at two locations, including the southeast entrance and the freeway stronghold bridge to the roof catwalks.
Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait Southeast entrance "This entire area's overrun with Gunners. I can smell the crazy bastards from a mile away."
Freeway stronghold bridge "You sure it's safe for us to be walkin' up here?"
Codsworth Southeast entrance "Well, this place has certainly seen better days."
Freeway stronghold bridge "I do hope this overpass holds out long enough for us to get back down... safely, I should say."
Curie Southeast entrance "I wonder if there is a monument to John Adams here. He was born in Quincy, you know?"
Freeway stronghold bridge "I suppose driving cross-country is now out of the question."
Danse Southeast entrance ""
Freeway stronghold bridge "We have to be careful. One solid hit in the right place could bring this whole overpass crashing down."
Deacon Southeast entrance "Gunners have overrun Quincy. Great."
Freeway stronghold bridge "Let's get back to the ground, OK? Sometimes you can see pieces of the freeway fall off."
John Hancock Southeast entrance "Quincy's Gunner territory. At least, for now."
Freeway stronghold bridge "Gonna be a hell of a show when this thing finally goes."
Robert MacCready Southeast entrance "We're entering Gunners territory so we need to be careful. If I'm recognized they'll be going after me with a vengeance."
Freeway stronghold bridge "Great sniping position from up here."
Nick Valentine Southeast entrance "Quincy wasn't exactly a tourist hotspot before the Gunners moved in."
Freeway stronghold bridge "Watch your step."
Piper Wright Southeast entrance "See scenic Quincy, home to... uh... gimme a minute..."
Freeway stronghold bridge "Oh, it's nicer from up here... I think."
Preston Garvey Southeast entrance "We gave the Gunners a hell of a fight, but we never really stood a chance. There were just too many of them and too few of us."
Freeway stronghold bridge "Once the Gunners got up here, there was no way to defend the rest of Quincy."
X6-88 Southeast entrance ""
Freeway stronghold bridge "I hope we won't be up here for long."


The Quincy ruins appear only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Quincy is based on the real-world location of Quincy, Massachusetts.


  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 The headless T-45 power armor on the overpass will respawn every time the area respawns, allowing for infinite T-45 power armor suits every time the ruins are cleared of Gunners. [verified]
  • PCPC The power armor frame and power armor are listed as owned, and will be marked as such if you decide to take them. [verified]
  • PCPC Some followers, such as Preston Garvey, do not react at all when entering the headless T-45 power armor on the overpass, even if the prompt reads "Steal".[verification overdue]



  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition pp. 387-389: "[6.24] QUINCY RUINS
    Due to some controversial zoning, the freeway was run right over the main street, near the buildings of this once-picturesque and historical settlement. John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and John Hancock were all born here. Currently, Gunners have taken over the Quincy ruins and a section of freeway that runs through the town. This was once a Minutemen stronghold until the arrival of the Gunners and a defection of one of the Minutemen’s own."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
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