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Quickly scrawled note refers to three paper notes in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


All three notes are found inside the RobCo Research Center, in the same room as the brain cooker. They only appear once a proper brain has been taken as part of the quest Duty Calls.

  • Note 01 is found on the desk which also contains Betsy Spinelli's holotape.
  • Note 02 is found on the counter next to the brain cooker.
  • Note 03 is found on another desk in the corner of the room.


Note 01

Look, for the last time set the brains to 41 and no higher!

You don't want to burst them!

Note 02

set it to seven
just neutral like pure water
the brain is happy

Note 03

Since you always burn the popcorn this should be set to just 3!!! I don't want to smell a burned brain again.