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This is a transcript for dialogue with Quercus.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00411FF6 00412082 I wonder, am I a good boy?
2 00412083 Project Paradise will really help people, won't it?
3 00412084 If everyone is a good boy, then is anyone really a good boy?
4 00412085 ARIC-4's a very bad computer, isn't she? ARIC-4 is pronounced "Erica"
5 00412086 Aha! I just thought of another improvement to Formula Q.
6 00412087 It would be wonderful if Formula Q was used in the next experiment.
7 00412088 Will the experiments ever end?
8 0041208A I'd like to express a negative emotion. No, like this. Like this! I just can't do it, can I? Trying to sound angry or frustrated and failing
9 00411FF7 00412048 Who's a good human? Are you a good human?
10 00412049 What a cute little human.
11 0041204A Aren't you just the best little human I've ever seen?
12 0041204B Do you want a treat? Do you want a treat?
13 0041204C What a very good human.
14 0041204D Are you behaving today?
15 0041204E How is my cute little human doing?
16 0041204F How's the good human? How's the good human?
17 00412050 Hello, you big pookie pie.
18 00412051 Who's the best human? Who's the best human?
19 00411FF8 0041201A This chasm is home not only to us, but to hundreds of wonderful species.
20 0041201B Are you going to help with our next experiment?
21 0041201C What a nice human, waiting patiently for the experiment to begin.
22 0041201D Here in the lab, we work on a very important experiment called Project Paradise.
23 0041201E You know that ARIC-4 is a very bad computer, don't you? ARIC-4 is pronounced "Erica"
24 0041201F All living things deserve love and respect.
25 00412020 Have you interacted with the animals lately? Aren't they wonderful?
26 00412021 Next time the experiment runs, you'll come talk to me, right?
27 00412022 Does the smart human know there's a locked sublevel?
28 00412023 I'm developing a formula that helps the animals instead of hurting them.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notesm
32 SFS09_Habitat_SceneFail 00412030 How did that experiment go so wrong? We let all those animals die, didn't we? Didn't we?
33 00412031 Who let all the animals die? Did you let all the animals die? You don't get any treats for that.
34 00454D28 Did the little humans fail at supervising the animals? I think they'll do better next time, don't you?
38 SFS09_Habitat_SceneComplete 0041203A Experiment complete! Thanks to Formula Q, the animals are happy and calm. Be sure to tell them how good they've been.
39 0041203B Who completed the experiment? Is it you? Yes it is, and all the animals are ready to be friends now, too.
40 0041203C Did you complete the experiment? Aren't you just the most capable little humans? And the animals like you, too, since they love Formula Q.
44 SFS09_Habitat_SceneWave2Complete 0041207E Chasm sensors detect that a very big girl is coming. Remember, she's an important part of the circle of life.
45 0041207F Our sensors detect a very big boy coming to play, yes they do. Are you going to be prepared?
46 00412080 Is everyone ready to meet another playmate? This one looks mean, but don't be intimidated!
50 SFS09_Habitat_SceneWave1Complete 00412040 Is everyone being careful with the roughhousing? It looks like a few more animals are coming to play!
51 00412041 How do you like your new neighbors? Are they mean? Well, you're gonna have to meet a few more now, okay?
52 00412042 Were those animals bad? Let's hope that the next ones have better manners.
56 SFS09_Habitat_SceneWave1 00412016 Be careful, now. Some chasm dwellers get jealous, especially when they don't get any Formula Q.
57 00412017 The other residents of the chasm love to play. Remember, never stick your hand in a fight.
58 00412018 Who's ready to meet some other animals? Are you ready to meet some animals? You're going to have to play nice, okay?
62 SFS09_Habitat_SceneCreatureIntroGeneric 0041200F Now I'm distributing my specially developed Formula Q. Safe, natural, and full of nutrients to improve any animal's quality of life.
63 00412010 We're using Formula Q, my all-natural solution to Project Paradise. No one was harmed in the making of this formula!
64 00412011 Are you worried about Formula Q? Unlike Formula P, it's safe and healthy, and what every good girl deserves!
68 SFS09_Habitat_SceneLastCall 0041202C How is the food gathering? Is it going well? Time to bring the food to the troughs!
69 0041202D Are those troughs full of food now? Has everyone brought all their food to the troughs?
70 0041202E There's only a few seconds left to fill the troughs with food. Don't forget anything!
71 SFS09_Habitat_SceneTakeover 00411FFC Could I get everyone's attention?
72 Because ARIC-4 is a very bad computer, one of the good humans here has shut her down. That means I'm in charge of the experiment now! ARIC-4 is pronounced "Erica"
73 00411FFD Listen to me! Listen to me! What a good bunch of humans.
74 One of you helped me shut down that bad computer, so now I'm in charge of the experiment.
75 00411FFE Hello everyone! Someone here shut down the bad computer, so I'm in charge now!
76 When the animals come out, let's play nice and make sure they know how good they are.
111 SFS09_Habitat_IG_Quercus_Phase1 00412059 Does the nice human want to help the animals?
112 If you retrieve ARIC-4's shutdown code from the locked sublevel, we could help all the animals that she's using as test subjects. ARIC-4 is pronounced "Erica"
113 0041205A Are you worried about the morality of this experiment?
114 I would love to help the animals, but first, the bad computer has to be shut down.
115 Fetch the shutdown code from the locked sublevel, and we'll take over from there!
116 0041205B Do you not like the bad computer in charge of this experiment?
117 ARIC-4 wants to feed the animals some very bad chemicals. I've developed a better formula, but ARIC-4 needs to be shut down.
118 Her shutdown code is in the locked sublevel. Go fetch!
119 SFS09_Habitat_IG_Quercus_Phase1Special 00412063 Fill the troughs with all the nutritious morsels you can find.
120 00412064 If you fill the troughs, I'll give you a treat.
121 00412065 Habitat A is home to good boys who love meat.
122 00412066 Animals in Habitat B love to eat disgusting toxic waste, but they're good girls nonetheless!
123 00412067 Habitat C is full of shy girls who eat their meals underwater.
129 SFS09_Habitat_IG_Quercus_Phase2 0041206F Does the human feel bad after feeding drugs to the animals?
130 00412070 Aren't you just a silly little human, drugging animals and leaving them to die?
131 00412071 Look at all those good girls, fighting for their lives tooth and claw.
132 00412072 Should you be helping the animals right now?
133 00412073 Is our cute little human running away from the fight?
134 SFS09_Habitat_IG_Quercus_Phase2Special 00412075 Are those pretty animals out there fighting all by themselves?
135 00412076 Good humans take care of the animals, don't they?
136 00412077 Aren't you a silly little human, coming to speak to me when the animals need your help.
137 00412078 Where are the human's animals? Are they out there all by themselves?
138 00412079 How are those silly little animals doing? Are they still alive?
139 00437F28 Empty info to prevent Quercus from falling back onto default Handy dialogue