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Who completed the experiment? Is it you? Yes it is, and all the animals are ready to be friends now, too.

Quercus is a Mister Handy operating in Appalachia.


Quercus is a Mister Handy inside the Arktos Pharma biome lab.

Repair and recommissioned by Squire Asher of the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel, Quercus was originally found disabled by Asher and Squire Ramsey while the two were off duty. Asher repaired and programmed him to document the mutated creatures emerging from the Mire.

To help with this, Asher altered his personality to gain the creature's trust. However, Quercus started talking to the creatures more than Asher intended and even started naming some of the creatures. Asher put this down to the damaged state they found Quercus in, and figured if they could find a new battery unit the problem might fix itself.[1]

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Quercus appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.