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Uh...whatever you think I did, I didn't do it. Alice is a liar!

Quentin Filmore is the son of Nathan and Allie Filmore in the Institute in 2287.


Quentin is a bit of a prankster and has not quite developed the yearning for scientific progress his elders have yet. His mother and father are often very busy and his lack of interest in their work means he is prone to making his own entertainment, hiding his fathers paperwork just to enjoy the confusion and frustration is not uncommon.[1] One of his most extravagant pranks involved exposing the gorillas in the BioScience division to high grade stimulants he stole from Doctor Volkert.[2][3] When he does try to focus on more educational activities he doesn't get the help he asks for as often as he likes.[4]

It is heavily implied that much of his behavior stems from a lack of attention from his parents. Not only this, despite the enjoyment from his hijinks, it is also implied he has been emotionally impacted by it too.[4]

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Quentin Filmore appears only in Fallout 4.


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