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Hunt down the cryptid before it disappears.

Daily: Queen of the Hunt is a daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Daily Quest: Queen of the Hunt
Read the terminal at the hunter's shack.
Investigate three locations in the Mire.
Kill the cryptid and extract a tissue sample from its body.
Deposit the tissue sample in the tissue analyzer at the hunter's shack.
Reward: 125 caps, 900 XP, random aid, random ammo, random 1 star legendary weapon or armor

Detailed walkthrough

Continuing Shelby O'Rourke's research into cryptids, the player character must visit three locations in the Mire that may have a creature lurking in it. The quest is started by reading the terminal at the hunter's shack. The targeted locations may include Site Alpha, Site Beta, Site Delta, Site Epsilon and Site Gamma. Although the first shares its name with an Appalachian missile silo, they are not the same location.

One of these locations will have a cryptid such as the wendigo, the Flatwoods monster, the Grafton Monster, a snallygaster or the mothman. Although the other investigated sites may have creatures of their own, only the cryptid needs to be killed. After extracting a tissue sample from the cryptid's body, the player character must return to the hunter's shack and deposit it in the tissue analyzer there next to the terminal. Once the analyzer is done, the quest completes, and the player character is granted a temporary status effect that increases damage dealt to the target cryptid for some time. The Queen of the Hunt achievement is unlocked the first time this quest is completed.


  • Random aid
  • Random ammo
  • Random armor or weapon
  • Random weapon/armor/aid/cooking plan
  • Random 1 star legendary weapon or armor
  • 125 caps, 10 for teammate
  • 7 Legendary scrip
  • 900 XP, 175 for teammate
  • Cryptid knowledge

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Investigate Site AlphaI found a terminal in a shack that belonged to a woman named Shelby O'Rourke. Shelby had a series of sensors set up at various locations to try and prove that cryptids exist. I should examine a few of the sites that are displaying alerts to see what's there.
Investigate Site BetaI came across a small shack in the Mire. I should investigate it and see if I can find anything useful.
Investigate Site Delta
Kill the cryptidOne of the locations had an actual cryptid! I should kill it to bring back a tissue sample to Shelby's homemade lab.
Extract the tissue sampleNow that I've killed the cryptid, I should be able to extract a tissue sample.
Deposit the tissue sample
Wait for resultsNow that I've killed the cryptid and extracted a sample, I can take it back to Shelby's homemade lab in her shack and see what sort of results I can get.


  • It is possible to leave a world, when the daily quest is started, in order for the hunted cryptid to change, thereby allowing the player character to encounter different cryptids.
  • This quest is the only source of Plan: Shielded lining casual underarmor. All three previous plans must already be learned.


PCPC There is a long-standing bug that disables this mission in-game, preventing the player from acquiring or undertaking the quest chain. The quest may be granted upon daily login, but most of the time, it is never accessible. If the quest is not completable due to a bug then you can complete it with another team member who has it active, allowing the bugged player to kill and harvest a cryptid as well as analyze the sample and complete the quest.[verified]