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* [[Neponset Park]]
* [[Neponset Park]]
* [[Parkview Lounge]]
* [[Parkview Lounge]]
* [[Pine Crest Cavern]] {{icon|FO4FH|link=Far Harbor (add-on)}}
* [[Poseidon Reservoir]]
* [[Poseidon Reservoir]]
* [[Revere Beach station]]
* [[Revere Beach station]]

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Quartermastery is a Brotherhood of Steel radiant quest in Fallout 4. The quest is obtained from Scribe Haylen in the Cambridge Police Station.

Quick walkthrough

Brotherhood of Steel radiant quest: Quartermastery
Travel to the location to cleanse.
Retrieve the required tech.
Report to Scribe Haylen.
Reward: 200 XP
~100 caps

Detailed walkthrough

Each quest gives a random location containing a piece of tech, either a flux sensor, haptic drive, or reflex capacitor. Travel to each location, obtain the tech and report to Haylen for the reward.

Possible locations

Quest stages

20 Recover the (tech) at (location)
40 Report to Scribe Haylen
255Icon checkQuest complete
355Icon checkQuest failed


It is possible to obtain the tech item at a location prior to receiving the quest from Scribe Haylen. If this happens you can talk to Haylen to get the quest for the location you got the tech at and then immediately turn it in.


  • PCIcon pc It is possible that the random radiant mission generator might send you to a previously cleared location, which will make the required item impossible to recover because enemies and chests didn't respawn. When looking at the Pip-Boy map marker, the marker will point directly at the player, wherever they are. Spawning the required item via console command will not advance quest. However, using "player.setstage 000c30dc 40" (without quotes) will allow the quest to advance forward. The console code works, and sets quest to "Report to <quest-giver>" [verified]
  • The mission generator may place the item before the next quest is accepted (likely triggered by completing the previous quest). The item cannot be removed until accepting the next quest, at which point it can be handed over.[platforms tag needed][verification overdue]
  • If this quest has been started and is at the 'Report to Scribe Haylen' stage, you will not be able to turn in the mission if you have already started the mission Blind Betrayal and are required to speak to Scribe Haylen. Once you speak to her she will not talk about the Quartermaster mission, only saying "I'm sure you'll do the right thing in reference to the Blind Betrayal mission.[platforms tag needed][verification overdue]
  • This quest and Cleansing the Commonwealth tend to prevent Railroad side and radiant quests from occurring if the locations overlap, such as being unable to start Memory Interrupted when "Recover the (tech) from Malden Center" is in progress.[platforms tag needed][verification overdue]
  • PCIcon pc This quest may give you a Far Harbor location to retrieve the item, even if you have not started the Far Harbor questline yet.[verified] This can be fixed with the console command "player.setstage 000c30dc 40" (see the note above), which sets the quest state to "Report to Haylen".


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