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This is a transcript for dialogue with Quartermaster Gutsy.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00182013 0018204D Or should I say, private. Initially impressed, but then reverting to your normal stern nature
2 0018201C 004E8A55 Marksmanship, agility, and patriotism.
3 Our courses, like all things in the great Territory of Appalachia, are automated, so you overpromoted mammals can do them as you see fit!
4 0018201D 00182029 All dolled up and ready to die for your country.
5 004E8A76 A fresh recruit, arriving all dolled up and ready to die for their country? Outstanding! Let's get you started then. Stern drill sergeant, but happy.
6 00182021 00182054 Speed, killing power, and patriotism. The three pillars of the modern American soldier.
7 00182055 I said move out, cadet... at least I think I did... well, I'm saying it now! Stern, then thinking to yourself, then stern again.
8 00182056 Did they add a "slack-jawed gawking" section to my precious training regimen?! Get moving, cadet!
9 00182059 Found your uniform, huh? Well, are you going to suit up for war? Or are you just going to stand there?
10 0018205C What's this? A voucher, eh? Well, what the hell are you doing here? Double-time it downstairs, cadet, and get on that uniform.
11 00182060 What are you still doing here, cadet! That uniform isn't going to wear itself with pride! Stern military drill sergeant.
12 00341CDD Master Sergeant doesn't like lollygagging, cadet. Get a move on!
13 00341CDE I wouldn't keep the Master Sergeant waiting, cadet. Stern.
14 00341CDF No one runs the courses around here until they've checked in with the Master Sergeant. And I mean no one. Stern.
15 00345AC0 Am I not being clear here, son? Get. In. Uniform! Stern military drill sergeant.
16 00345AC1 Are you deaf as well as sloppy? Get. In. Uniform! Stern military drill sergeant.
17 00345AC2 You're un-uniformed flesh disgusts me, cadet! I don't even want to look at you until you're donning the standard-issue fatigues and helmet! Stern military drill sergeant.
18 0034A97D One course left. And it's a doozy. Make sure you kit yourself up before hitting the Live Fire exercise. Military drill sergeant.
19 0034A97E No use in putting it off, cadet. No one graduates my school without demonstrating they can ice a Commie or six. Military drill sergeant.
20 0034A97F You made it this far. I want you to know how intensely annoyed I'll be if I have to clean up your corpse at this point. Pretending to be tender.
21 0037E468 Live Fire course is waiting, cadet. Last thing between you and glory ... or a violent death. Pretending to be tender.
22 0037E469 Do I need to draw you a map, cadet? Outside! Now!
23 0037E46A Don't you worry. I'll be keeping a close eye on your progress.
24 0037E46C You're not hitting my courses until you suit up, cadet!
25 0037E46D Holy hell. Please tell me you didn't forget how to put on your uniform! Concerned and a bit disappointed.
26 0037E46F Anything residing in that uniform should take off after you've worn it for a while.
27 0037E470 Huh. Dispenser still works. Well, one less thing to check off, I suppose. Just a little impressed. The player just acquired their uniform.
28 0037E471 About time you checked-in with the Master Sergeant, cadet.
29 0037E472 Good gravy, it hurts to look at you. No voucher, huh? Check the log over there. We've had ... a couple AWOLs. Maybe you can find one of theirs. Mild disgusted.
30 0037E474 Dispenser on the wall over there can take care of ya once you've got your voucher.
31 0037E475 Find that voucher and we'll can get you all gussied up.
32 0037E476 Number of no-shows we've had, I should probably be giving these uniforms away. But that's Red talk.
33 0037E477 Are you trying to anger me? Because you're succeeding with flying colors. Stern military drill sergeant.
34 0037E478 You ready to be transformed into a killing machine? Then it's time you paid the big bot in admin a visit. Stern.
35 00341B1B 00341B2C Uniform issued.
36 00345A7F 00182051 Well, well. Rather impressed.
37 00182058 Now that's what I like to see. A little impressed. The person in front of you is prepped and ready for battle.
38 004E8A78 Hmm. What do we have here ... Eyeing up a new cadet...
39 00346934 0034694C You are now an official member of the United States Army. Get out there and do us proud, soldier. You are dismissed! Initially impressed, but then reverting to your normal stern nature
40 004E8A2F 004E8A4D My sensors tell me you're not nearly as dead as I expected. Impressive, cadet. Initially impressed...
41 004E8A35 00345A8A Now, just two more exercises to go. Throw those hamhocks in hoof mode and get moving! Stern drill sergeant.
42 00345A8B You've got just one more course to clear. Move out! Stern drill sergeant.
43 00345A8C Now that you can walk, talk, and shoot, it's time to test your mettle. Make your way over to the Live Fire course. You're about to be molded into a soldier. Stern drill sergeant.
44 00345A8D That's all three. Report to my office immediately. We need to have a little talk. Stern drill sergeant.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00182020 00182023 Complete the courses to my satisfaction and we'll get you moved onto the real test.
2 0018202A Marksmanship, agility, and patriotism.
3 Our courses, like all things in the great Territory of Appalachia, are automated, so you overpromoted mammals can do them as you see fit!
4 00182034 Cadet detected. And in uniform, to boot. Good start... A little impressed.
5 00182035 What in the holy name of -- you are out of uniform, cadet! And with no Uniform Voucher? You will return in Army fatigues and helmet or you will not return at all!
6 00182044 Dismissed!
7 00345AB6 There are three training exercises you'll need to complete.
8 004E8A77 Hmm. Well, what do we have here ... Eyeing up a new cadet.
9 00182022 00018174 Not bad for a mammal.
10 00018176 Put a Commie in the ground for me while you're out there.
11 00018177 What're you standing around for? Don't you know there may or may not be a war on?
12 00182025 The fate of this country is in your soft, fleshy hands... god, help us all.
13 00182028 New recruit, huh? You better head in and report to the Master Sergeant on the double. Stern, military.
14 00341CE1 Did you wander off the tour, cadet? Get that flesh-covered keister up to the Master Sergeant ASAP. Stern, military.
15 00341CE2 Chrome-coated-Christmas. What are you doing here, cadet? Get your tail up to the Master Sergeant now! Stern, military.
16 00346970 Make your country proud.
17 00346972 Give 'em hell out there.
18 00346973 Stay frosty, soldier.
19 00346974 Feel free to hit the courses again anytime you feel you need to hone the blade a bit.
20 00346975 I'm programmatically obliged to offer you praise. You're not dead. Excellent work, mammal.
21 00346976 Only good Red's a dead Red. What'dya say you go make a couple more? Bit of a smirk at the end there.
22 00346977 You survived. Suppose life's full of surprises, ain't it? Bit of a smirk at the end there.
23 00346979 Under no circumstances is the cadet permitted to expire on any of the courses! Is that understood?!
24 0034697A We're not supposed to allow harm to come to any humans, but this is wartime, and for you, we'll make an exception. RERECORD. Please billboard "but."
25 0034697B Aww. Feeling tired cadet? Maybe you need a nap and a hot bath? Hmph. Why they bother to train you mammals at all I will never understand. Incredibly condescending.
26 0034697C The faster you finish the courses, the faster you can get to killin' Commies.
27 0034697D Get a move on, cadet! You're gonna miss the best part of the war!
28 0034697F This isn't a daycare. Step up or take a hike.
29 00346980 I didn't realize the mindless staring convention was being held here. Why don't you do something productive and drop and give me twenty! Joking at first (but still stern), then yelling.
30 0037E479 Hmm. ID protocol must be on the fritz. Says you're a General now ... that sound right to you?
31 0037E47A Oh? Did you want to make small talk, cadet? Well I heard that Jenny Baker WAS EATEN BY COMMUNISTS BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T FINISH YOUR TRAINING IN A TIMELY MANNER! Initially receptive, then really laying into the player.
32 0037E47B I didn't watch my buddies get recycled into kitchen appliances so you could stand around staring blankly. Move!
33 0037E47C Do my sensors deceive me? General? Well look who went and did us all proud? Impressed by the person you're speaking to, but still stern.
34 0037E47D All checked in, huh? Then why aren't you in uniform, cadet! Angry drill sergeant.
35 0037E47E Don't you dare tell me you forgot your uniform, cadet! You better hope to the heavens the Quartermaster takes mercy on you! Angry drill sergeant.
36 004E8A7E You know, for a possible Communist subversive, you sure know how to kill. Good luck out there, probable Red. Somewhat suspicious, but a little more matter-of-fact now.
37 004E8A7F No plank of wood's got a prayer against you, private. With a bit of a smirk.
38 004E8A80 Still upright and kicking, huh? Well, give 'em a boot to the shins for me, will ya? With a bit of a smirk.
39 004E8A81 Good work, cadet. You'll be slinging high-speed lead injections into Reds before you know it. A little impressed. Still stern.
40 004E8A82 I knew you had it in you, cadet. Of course ... that's just what the Chairman would want me to think, isn't it. Initially congratulating the player, but then back to suspicious.
41 004E8A83 Congratulations, cadet! You didn't fall to your death. Whoop-a-doo! Now get moving! Military drill sergeant.
42 004E8A84 Outstanding, cadet! You made scrap metal out of those Marxists. A bit of a smirk.
43 004E8A85 Here to test your patriotism, cadet? Kind of suspicious it took you this long, isn't it? Suspiciously eyeing up the cadet.
44 004E8A86 Nervous, cadet? The patriotism test should be a breeze for any red-blooded American ... unless you've got something to hide. Suspiciously eyeing up the cadet.
45 004E8A87 The course outfoxing you, cadet? Insert lead into target. Not rocket science.
46 004E8A88 I've heard picturing the targets in their underpants makes it all a hell of a lot funnier.
47 004E8A89 Are you lost, cadet? Obstacle course is down there. Military drill sergeant.
48 004E8A8A What's wrong, cadet? Is gracelessly plodding across the earth as boring to do as it is to watch? Get a move on! Military drill sergeant.
49 004E8A8B Not now, cadet. Can't you see I'm mastering these quarters? ... at least I think I am. A little confused. You're not exactly sure what your job is supposed to be here.
50 004E8A8C Been a while since we've gotten a shipment from central. At this point, you may as well just grab the sharpest rock you can find. A little confused. You're not exactly sure what your job is supposed to be here.
51 004E8A8D Hmm. Command never said how exactly to get the other three-quarters of my mastery. Must be around here somewhere. A little confused. You're not exactly sure what your job is supposed to be here. This is mostly to yourself.
52 004E8A8E Time to bring out the big guns, cadet. You're about to go Red-hunting. A bit of a smirk.
53 004E8A8F Does blasting uncannily accurate Communist replicas make you squeamish, cadet? Because you're about to find out. A bit of a smirk.
54 004E8A90 Cadet, unless you're looking to be scrapped for parts, I suggest you head to the admin building and check in the with Master Sergeant. Stern, military.
55 003CB414 003CB491 What's this?! I don't remember giving you permission to die! Angry drill sergeant yelling at a corpse.
56 003CB492 Who left this corpse on my precious base! I want answers! Angry drill sergeant yelling at a corpse.
57 003CB493 Hmm. Another one. Whelp. Better get it on the pile. Drill sergeant casually observing a corpse.