I can't believe that an entire pack moved into the quarry, I thought that kind of bad luck only happened in New Vegas.Chomps Lewis

The Quarry Junction is an abandoned limestone quarry in the Mojave Wasteland that is overrun by deathclaws.


The Quarry Junction is a limestone quarry used to produce cement for the New California Republic. After Powder Gangers stole the dynamite used by the workers there, they returned to Sloan awaiting more help from the NCR. While being away from the quarry, it was overrun by a vast number of deathclaws, stopping workers from continuing to supply the NCR.


The quarry has two entrances:

  • One entrance is found by traveling on the road northeast of Sloan.
  • Another entrance is next to the Great Khan encampment to the west of Quarry Junction, between Goodsprings Cemetery and Quarry Junction. This entrance has members of the Great Khans nearby, waiting to complete a drug deal.

The rest of the quarry has natural borders made of large mountains and limestone deposits that prevent entry. The workers and residents of Sloan have even posted signs near the quarry warning travelers that there are deathclaws in that area, even as far as Goodsprings Cemetery.

There are many deathclaws guarding both entrances, and the inside is flooded with even more. There are also young deathclaws, a deathclaw alpha male, and the deathclaw mother with her litter of babies. She's walking around at the back of the quarry near an unmarked location, "the matriarch's den".

Notable lootEdit

  • Fat Man - near a human skeleton in the southern pool of water.
  • 2 mini nukes - 1 found just submerged a few feet into the pool of water from the Fat Man, 1 found in the deathclaw matriarch's den.
  • 3 deathclaw eggs in matriarch's den, for the Bleed Me Dry quest.
  • 1 light machine gun in the matriarch's den.

Related questsEdit


  • The deathclaws, mother deathclaw, and deathclaw alpha male are variants of the regular ones found in the Mojave, with double to triple health, much more powerful attack, and faster pace.
  • Even after you kill the deathclaw alpha male and deathclaw mother, any remaining deathclaws will remain there for a couple of in-game days.
  • Once the area is clear of deathclaws, bark scorpions occasionally appear in Quarry Junction.
  • Even after the area has been cleared of deathclaws, it is not unusual for a lone deathclaw to spawn on the outskirts of the quarry.
  • If the deathclaw mother and/or alpha male are killed in a way not affording the player XP (e.g. killing them with dynamite dropped on the ground to bolster a powder charge), that kill still counts towards solving the quest Claws Out.
  • Chomps Lewis in Sloan mentions that the draglines (cable operated excavators) sitting around Quarry Junction were used by the quarry workers before the deathclaw infestation, implying that they are functional, though they are never seen functioning and cannot be operated by The Courier.


The Quarry Junction appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Quarry Junction is based on the real world location Sloan Limestone Quarry in Sloan, Nevada.


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