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This is a transcript for dialogue with Chomps Lewis.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hold up! There are Deathclaws all over the damn place north of here. I'd turn back if I were you. 1
Neutral 50 If you want to get to New Vegas, you're better off heading east from Primm and then looping north. It's a heck of a lot safer. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Can't believe anyone actually made it through from the north, what with all the Deathclaws at the quarry. You returning from New Vegas? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 You need something? 4
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 If you insist on going north, don't be expecting a rescue when you get into trouble. 5
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yep. 6
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic001 What can you tell me about New Vegas? Neutral 50 I've been there once, and I don't recommend it. It's just a way to burn through a month's pay in five minutes. 7
Neutral 50 I've seen a lot of folks come through here thinking they'll have the easy life once they get there. It never happens. 8
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic002 Where'd the Deathclaws come from? Neutral 50 They moved into the quarry after the Powder Gangers came through and made off with most of our dynamite. 9
Neutral 50 We shut the quarry down while we waited for the NCR to get us some more blasting sticks, but now the Deathclaws have shown up. 10
Neutral 50 The NCR's a no-show, and my men and I have got nothing to do but sit on our asses all day. It's damn frustrating. 11
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic003 Tell me about the Powder Gangers. Neutral 50 They're a bunch of escaped cons from down south. The NCR was using them to maintain the railways as part of their sentence. 12
Neutral 50 I don't know who screwed up, but the Powder Gangers are loose. It was one group that attacked us and took our entire supply of dynamite. 13
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic004 Have you had problems with Deathclaws before? Neutral 50 We'd see them occasionally, but they didn't seem too keen on getting too close to the quarry. Not sure if it was the noise or all the workers. 14
Neutral 50 I can't believe that an entire pack moved into the quarry. I thought that kind of bad luck only happened in New Vegas. 15
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic005 I could take care of your Deathclaw problem. Neutral 50 Have you even seen a Deathclaw? They're taller than a man and far, far stronger and faster. And, there's a whole pack of them out there. 16
Neutral 50 You'd have to be the meanest, toughest, roughest bastard in the wasteland to have any chance against them, and I don't think that's you. 17
Neutral 50 You'd need to take out the pack leaders - the Mother Deathclaw and the Deathclaw Alpha Male. Kill 'em, and the pack will scatter. Pretty tough job. 18
I could take care of your Deathclaw problem. Neutral 50 I don't what it is about you, but I think you could actually pull it off. Deathclaws are tough bastards, but you might be even tougher. 19
Neutral 50 Nobody here's any use to you in a fight against Deathclaws, but take these medical supplies. You'll probably need them. 20
Neutral 50 To do the job right, you've got to get rid of the pack leaders - the Mother Deathclaw and the Deathclaw Alpha Male. Should run the rest of 'em off. 21
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic006 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Okay. 22
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic007 What is this place? Neutral 50 This is Sloan, a camp for us quarry workers. The actual quarry, Quarry Junction, is up the road north of here. The whole thing is an NCR operation. 23
Neutral 50 We make cement for the NCR using the limestone we dig out with dynamite and draglines. Dirty work, but the pay's good. 24
Neutral 50 Wish we got paid in caps, though. Not a lot of merchants like taking NCR paper money. 25
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic008 What does the NCR need with the cement? Neutral 50 It all gets shipped by rail over towards Boulder City and Hoover Dam. The NCR's probably building fortifications with it all. 26
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic009 What's a dragline? Neutral 50 It's a big machine which moves rocks around, piles at a time. It's Pre-War tech, so you need to thump it once in awhile to keep it running. 27
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic010 You don't get paid in caps? Disgust 25 Nope. The NCR's been trying to switch over to using paper money, like in the Pre-War days. Trouble is that the exchange rates ain't exactly fair. 28
Neutral 50 For example, a hundred bucks in NCR money is valued at roughly half that in caps around here. Seems like a rotten deal for us, but work is work. 29
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic011 I'm looking for a suitcase filled with chemical supplies for a... friend. Know anything? Neutral 50 Ah, yes. I think I know which friend you mean. Even if there weren't Deathclaws in the quarry, there'd still be no delivery. 30
Disgust 50 The supplier, a guy in Primm named Tyrone, is a cheating son of a bitch who won't deliver even though he's already been paid in advance. 31
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic012 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Sure. 32
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic013 I noticed you have a tame molerat. Neutral 50 Yeah, he - or she, I guess - wandered into camp a couple of months back. Seemed friendly enough. 33
Neutral 50 Ugly-looking thing, but the guys like having it around. Good for morale and all that. 34
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic014 I repaired your generator. Neutral 50 It's nice to see things going the way they're supposed to, for a change. I'm going to pay you out of my own pocket for this one. 35
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic015 I fixed Snuffles' leg. Neutral 50 I'd noticed Snuffles limping, but I didn't realize the problem was that serious. Thanks - that beast helps keep spirits up around here. 36
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic016 I killed the Mother Deathclaw. Neutral 50 You... you did? That's pretty amazing - I figured you'd need artillery to take her out. 37
Neutral 50 I hate to say it, but as long as the Alpha Male is still alive, that pack isn't going anywhere, even with the Deathclaw Mother out of the picture. 38
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic017 I killed the Deathclaw Alpha Male. Neutral 50 You... you did? That's pretty amazing - I figured you'd need artillery to take him out. 39
Neutral 50 I hate to say it, but as long as the Deathclaw Mother is still alive, that pack isn't going anywhere. She'll take another mate and keep laying eggs. 40
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic018 I killed the Deathclaw Mother and the Deathclaw Alpha Male. Neutral 50 Coming from anyone else, I'd say they were drunk or crazy, but that look in your eyes - I believe you. 41
Neutral 50 I can pay you, but it ain't much for what you pulled off. I'll get on the ham radio first thing and tell people all about you, though. 42
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic019 You don't care that you're helping the Great Khans? Neutral 50 I'm just the middle man. The Great Khans are a hard group, and some of them are no good, but they're not all the same. 43
Neutral 50 I believe in the NCR, but that doesn't make it right for them to roll over anyone who doesn't want any part of 'em. 44
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic020 Has Tyrone cheated you before? Neutral 50 He's always been shady, but this is the first time he's outright screwed me. 45
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic021 All right. I'll go pay a visit to Tyrone. Neutral 50 Good luck. 46
vFreeformSloanQJChompsLewisTopic022 How do you know Melissa? Neutral 50 She's my daughter. Takes a little too much after her mother, rest her soul, but she's happy with the Great Khans, and that's enough for me. 47