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Well... rumor has it there was once an employee of a famous computer company who enjoyed talking with others.Miss Kitty

Purchase the Kesting Special is an unmarked quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Unmarked Quest: Purchase the Kesting Special
Go to Virgin Street and speak with Miss Kitty.
Pay to speak with the women.
Reward: +3 Speech

Detailed walkthrough

Before the Great War, there was a person dealing in computers who visited Cat's Paw every week and he left some chips. Purchasing the Kesting Special from Miss Kitty in the Cat's Paw will increase Speech skill by 3 points.


  • Getting 3 points in Speech works once - buying the Kesting Special multiple times will not increase the skill.
  • Talking with the ladies costs some chips - it is not defined how much, depends on whether the Chosen One told Miss Kitty Jules sent him.


When buying the Kesting Special with the discount (by telling Jules sent the Chosen One), the game freezes. [verified]