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With the Puppies! perk, if Dogmeat dies, you'll be able to get a new canine companion from his litter of puppies. Just wait a bit, and you'll find your new furry friend waiting outside Vault 101.— In-game description

Puppies! is a perk in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


Appearing at the spot where Dogmeat last died, or at the place where you were born in the Capital Wasteland, Dogmeat's Puppy is a real chip off the old block; fiercely loyal, incredibly tough (even more than his dad), and available with the Puppies! Perk.Fallout 3 Official Game Guide, on Dogmeat's Puppy

With this perk, one of Dogmeat's puppy offspring will take his place every time he dies, and that pup can be added as a companion, either by finding Dogmeat's pup at the location of his death or by waiting a day or two and returning to Vault 101's entrance. Dogmeat's puppy is much tougher than the original Dogmeat, and will level with the player character in terms of damage done and health.

Despite the name, this perk only allows the player character to get one of Dogmeat's puppies at a time. If it dies, it will be replaced by a new puppy.

This perk still works if Dogmeat died prior to the installation of Broken Steel.


  • Dogmeat actually has to die in order for this perk to work.
  • The puppy starts with 1,000 Hit Points, double that of the original Dogmeat, who only had 500 Hit Points at first level.
  • The puppy uses the exact same ref and base ids as Dogmeat. Upon death, Dogmeat is simply respawned with a new name and increased health.
  • If there are two followers in the current party, then one will have to be fired once this perk is chosen as if the original Dogmeat was still alive.
  • If Dogmeat was not recruited as a companion, or was accidentally killed before befriending him, with this perk, he will regenerate where he died and the option to befriend him as the original Dogmeat will be available.
  • When a companion is fired, Dogmeat's puppy takes up a space and another companion cannot be recruited. A way to fix this is to bring Dogmeat's puppy to the companion, kill the puppy, then quickly tell the companion to join the party.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 With this perk, the player may be able to obtain all of the followers at the same time. See Fallout 3 exploits for more details.[verified]