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Behold the power of the Punga! The restorative effects of the Punga fruit have a greater effect on you!— In-game description

Punga Power! is a perk in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


This perk improves the radiation-purging effects of punga fruit.


The perk is obtained after finishing Walking with Spirits.


  • Wild punga normally reduces -1 rad, but will reduce -5 with this perk. Refined punga normally reduces -2 rads, but will reduce -15 with this perk. The health recovered from eating punga is not affected by the perk.
  • The icon for this perk looks similar to that of Nerd Rage!, though the Vault Boy of the Punga Power icon has a punga fruit in his left hand, lacks both glasses and the lines coming from his face, and wears a different facial expression.

Cut versions

Harvest Multiplier

A second version of the perk was cut from the Point Lookout DLC, but is still present in the game's files as a console-addable perk.

Behold the power of the Punga! When harvesting Punga plants, you will receive more fruit.

Though the perk remains in the DLC, it is not implemented. Harvesting a punga plant will only give the player one fruit regardless of any perks.

Action Point effect

A third version of the perk was at some point considered or even implemented, but did not make it into the final release of the DLC. The only remaining part of this version of the perk is the text for the pop-up message which was to be displayed when it was received:

The "Punga Power!" perk has been added. Eating Punga Fruit now gives you temporary Action Points.

No other part of this version of the perk remains. It does not exist as a separate perk, and neither wild nor refined punga fruit have any conditions which would produce this effect.