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The punch bowl is an item-dispensing workshop object introduced in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


The punch bowl is a large, wide metal bowl fitted with a ladle. When activated by the bowl's owner, up to ten alcoholic beverages may be poured into the bowl. Other player characters may drink from the bowl, consuming one of the beverages at random.

Similar to vending machines, items placed into the punch bowl use stash storage space.


Steel (2)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Atomic Shop purchase Atom
Punch bowl (1)


  • Punch bowls may be built at a player character's C.A.M.P. after being claimed in the Atomic Shop.


  • As the punch bowl is not labeled, an unsuspecting player character may accidentally consume vintage Nukashine and be transported to a random location from its effects.
  • The punch bowl was originally introduced as part of Wild Appalachia in patch 8.5. Its functionality was removed with patch 9 but eventually reintroduced two months later as part of Nuclear Winter in patch 11. It was temporarily disabled due to an exploit that existed within the punch bowl's storage functionality.