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Pumpkin is a consumable in Fallout 76.


Pumpkins are a large, orange fruit that are treated as a vegetable for culinary purposes. They can be consumed raw to satisfy a moderate amount of hunger with a medium dose of radiation and chance for disease or can be cooked for additional benefits. Pumpkins are also traditionally used for decoration during fall and Halloween.



Story Time Miss Nanny mentions a pumpkin during the story "Cinderella" that she will tell to the Vault Dwellers of Vault 76 as part of a random encounter.[1]

Behind the scenes

In a removed Vault 94 greenhouse terminal entry, pumpkins are referred to as Cucurbita pepo, a real world species of pumpkin.[2]



  1. Story Time Miss Nanny: "She waved her wand at a pumpkin which turned into a silver carriage, and a family of mice, which turned into a team of horses to pull the carriage."
    (Miss Nanny's dialogue)
  2. Vault 94 terminal entries: "CD-5: Cucurbita pepo (Pumpkin)"
    (Vault Mission: Meltdown) Fallout 76 removed content