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Pump Gamma shutdown code is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Nuclear Winter.


The note could be found in Vault 94, obtainable during Vault Mission: Washout. As Vault raids were discontinued, this note is no longer accessible.


'Experiment #118: Cold Germination in Soil Samples K-N

Daily Checklist:
1. Update germination count.
2. Measure and record seedling growth.
3. Sample soil pH.
4. Administer lime or sulfur to rebalance pH to target (5.75). See Schedule A.
5. Sample soil moisture level.
6. Set Flood Control Pump Gamma watering codes. See Schedule B.

NOTE: In the event of another flooding incident, SHUT DOWN FLOOD CONTROL PUMP GAMMA (Code: <Token=PumpCode03>) and notify Tyrone.