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The YK42B pulse rifle is an energy weapon in Fallout Tactics.


Using microfusion cells for ammunition, it fires rays of electrical pulses. As an EMP device it has a devastating effect on electronics, which makes it an effective weapon against robots.



  • One of these weapons can be bought from the Quartermaster after recovering the prototype version. It is possible to purchase another from Dagger Squad inside Vault 0, but only before the fight begins. Once the owner of the gun equips it, it no longer appears on the barter menu.
  • Worn by Phoenix.
  • Also found in a locker in Vault 0. This locker is found in the Power Generation Wing in the same room from which a swarm of scurry robots emerge; characters also have to crouch to enter it. Additionally, a very high Lockpick and/or an electronic lock pick is required to open this locker.


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