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An electromagnetic pulse grenade, generating an intense magnetic field on detonation. Doesn't affect biological creatures. Contact fuze.— Fallout 2 In-game description

Pulse grenades are thrown explosives in Fallout and Fallout 2.


Pulse grenades are thrown EMP weapons. When they detonate, they emit a powerful electromagnetic burst which is only mildly harmful to organics, but can cripple anything with an electronic circuit. Thus, these high-tech grenades are "silver bullets" against robots, but worthless against anything else. If at all possible, the throw should be angled using a wall as a backstop in case of bouncing - the blast is large, but worth being put where one cannot miss.

Even though pulse grenades are near-useless against non-player character critters that all have EMP resistance, the player character critter is an exception. This means full damage from pulse grenades will be taken without any armor.

The final boss in Fallout, the Master, is classified as a robotic critter hence will take full damage from EMP grenades. Even if the player character has a low throwing accuracy, chances will be high that the grenade can still deal considerable splash damage because the Master sits at the very end of the hallway. Therefore, the EMP grenade is a preferred weapon for a non-combat oriented player character to defeat the Master in combat approach.



Fallout 2


In Fallout, the enemies vulnerable to pulse grenades are mostly robots. The majority of them are at the Glow, Mariposa Military Base and surrounding the Master.