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Publick Occurrences is an unmarked location in Diamond City in 2287. It is owned and operated by Piper and Nat Wright, who use the facility to print the Publick Occurrences newspaper.


This building near the main entrance to Diamond City has two levels and three entrances: a ground-level door to the left in an exterior printing shop, a second ground-level door to the right, and a door farther to the right up on the roof terrace. Nat sells papers daily in front of the printing shop, which features several file cabinets, an uninteractable printing press, and a few copies of the newspaper.

Entering through either ground-level door leads to the first-floor interior living area, where the eclectic furnishings include a news stand, a locker, a washer, and a refrigerator. Farther to the right is another uninteractable printing press with more copies of the newspaper against a makeshift partial wall of cinder blocks. Beyond this wall is Nat's small bedroom, with her owned sleeping bag and some scattered toys and childish drawings on the ground. To the left of the wall is the wooden stairway leading upstairs.

The second floor consists of Piper's small bedroom, with her owned bed, a desk with her terminal, an ammo box, and other minor loot. Opposite the desk is the roof terrace exit.

Every item and container, except for the copies of Publick Occurrences, is marked as owned until Piper is unlocked as a companion, at which point only the bed and sleeping bag will remain as owned.

Notable loot


Publick Occurrences only appears in Fallout 4.