Publick Occurrences is a newspaper in the Commonwealth run by Piper in 2287.


The newspaper has gained a bad reputation with McDonough, the mayor of Diamond City, resulting in Piper being temporarily blocked from entering the city. This being because of the newspaper's "lies and scandalous assumptions." The newspaper is actually disliked by many for its brutal honesty. When the Sole Survivor arrives in Diamond City for the first time, the town is in an uproar after the recent controversial article released entitled The Synthetic Truth which details the true threat of synths in Diamond City, which proves to be real.

Piper's sister, Nat, can often be found selling the paper outside of Piper's office.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

After meeting with the Sole Survivor, Piper suggests coming by her office at some point to work on an article.


Publick Occurences paper unfolded
  • The Synthetic Truth - available from the beginning of the game
  • View from the vault - becomes available if the Sole Survivor allowed Piper to interview them in the Story of the Century quest. Content changes according to answers given during the interview and the article is split into three parts:
  • Fear the Future? - becomes available if the Survivor ended the main quest by siding with the Institute and has high affinity with Piper.
  • The Boogeyman banished? - available if the Sole Survivor destroys the Institute in the endgame. There are different variations depending on who destroyed it.
  • Moving Forward - becomes available once the Sole Survivor finds out that Mayor McDonough was a synth.


If a bar is set up in any of the settlements, including the settlements on the Island and the Nuka-World Red Rocket, settlers can be seen reading the newspaper.


Publick Occurrences appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Publick Occurrences" shares its name with the first multi-page newspaper published in the Americas, which was also printed in Boston. This newspaper only existed for a month before it was censored by the British government because it contained content too controversial to print and distribute.


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