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The Public Test Server (PTS) is a feature in Fallout 76 that allows selected users to test upcoming content for the game. It was first introduced for the Wastelanders update as a Private Test Server, though subsequent updates have been fully public.

The Public Test Server is exclusive to PC players, who are encouraged to report issues encountered during testing so that they may be patched before the content's official release.


Version history

The most recent Public Test Server launched on May 11, 2022, to test features of the Expeditions: The Pitt update.


Because content from the PTS is subject to change, articles concerning PTS content that has not yet been added to the official game should be tagged as upcoming. Once the content is officially released, the tag can be removed.

Although the Public Test Server can be freely datamined and reported on, any content from a Private Test Server that involves the signing of an non-disclosure agreement (NDA) should not be added to the wiki for legal reasons. If content from a Private Test Server remains unchanged when it is officially added to the game, then there is no issue, though any changes made during the Private Test Server's run should not be recorded, as it falls under NDA.


  • Bethesda has internally discussed bringing the PTS to consoles, though the difficulty of maintaining several PTS builds of the game for consoles, on top of the official version of the game, has made it unviable.[citation needed]
  • In an attempt to encourage participation in playtesting, Bethesda offers an incentive in the way of a PTS pennant reward that one can display at their C.A.M.P. in the live game. The user must fulfill a certain number of activities to receive the reward, such as participating for a certain number of days, completing multiplayer Daily Ops sessions, or filling a certain percentage of their shelter budget.[1] Framed and unframed versions of a PTS pennant for both Vault Boy and Vault Girl are offered for completing the requirements. The Vault Boy pennant was offered during the testing of One Wasteland For All, while Vault Girl was offered during testing of Steel Dawn. A pennant of Grahm was offered during the testing of Locked & Loaded.

Behind the scenes

Jeff Gardiner and Mark Tucker referred to the Public Test Server as the "turning point" for Fallout 76, as it allowed developers to track player performance, crashes, and other issues that could not be as easily diagnosed without the use of larger player populations, acting in ways that the Quality Assurance testers could not find, ultimately allowing the team to address and fix critical bugs that would have not been found without it.[2]


I understand how it can be frustrating to give feedback and not see it implemented into the game. Each post on the PTS is read and recorded, while I don't have the time each day to respond to every single post I read I do try to acknowledge as many as I can. The devs see this feedback and consider it, but there are many reasons why sometimes some feedback is implemented and others are not. There have been a lot of suggestions from the community that made it into the game. When suggestions are initially brought in, I can't confirm or deny that they will make it into the game because they first need to be investigated and determined if they're able to implement that into their current schedule. Some suggestions don't make it into the next update but rather a later one.

I hope that clears some things up for you all, and you know your posts are not being ignored.
Devann McCarthy, Community Manager[3]



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    Speaking about the impact of the PTS, Gardiner said: "If I had to point to a single thing that was a sea change for us, outside of the
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