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Super Mutants have taken over the old Boston Public Library. I got a lot of fond memories of that place from when I was a girl and... human...Daisy

Public Knowledge is a side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Side quest: Public Knowledge
Ask Daisy for work.
Get into the Boston Public Library
Kill all super mutants inside.
Return the book.
Talk to Daisy.
Reward: 400+ XP
200/250/300/400 Caps

Detailed walkthrough

Asking Daisy in Goodneighbor about work reveals that super mutants have taken over the Boston Public Library and she will pay to have them cleared out. A series of speech checks can be passed to increase the reward from 200 up to 400 caps. She also requests the return of an overdue book to one of the machines at the library.

There are two entrances to the library: an advanced locked door on the west side of the building, or going through Copley Station. The library is filled with Protectrons and turrets waging war against the invading super mutants. Regardless of which entrance is used, the robots will be hostile to the player character as well as the super mutants, unless the player character speaks to the intercom next to the door prior to entering and passes a speech check to convince it that they are an employee of the library. If this is done at the western door, it will unlock the door as well, meaning Copley Station can be completely avoided with one speech check.

Once inside, an announcement will broadcast saying that super mutants are coming in from the station and the robots will flock to fight them. Once the wave is cleared, the Sole Survivor can then find one of the two book return machines to return the overdue book. After that, return to Daisy to complete the quest.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Go to Boston Public LibraryDaisy in Goodneighbor has asked me to clear out the Super Mutants that are threatening the old Boston Public Library. She also wants me to return her overdue book.
20 Return the Overdue Book
25 Explore the Library
30 Clear the Library of Super MutantsI've returned Daisy's overdue library book. Now to finish the rest of the job by clearing the area of Super Mutants.
40 Return to DaisyBoston Publick Library is safe from Super Mutants. Time to go back to Daisy in Goodneighbor for my reward.
100Quest finishedQuest completeBoston Public Library is now safe from Super Mutants and Daisy in Goodneighbor is happy.
500Quest failedQuest failed - Daisy deadDaisy is dead. Whatever reward I would've gotten for clearing out the Boston Public Library is gone with her.

Companion affinity

Accept the quest???Love?LikeLikeLikeLikeHatesLike???
Refuse the quest????????DislikesLike????
Ask for more payLike??No reaction??LikeNo reactionDislikesLike????
  • It is possible to get two likes from Strong by haggling and refusing the quest, then dismissing him from Goodneighbor prior to accepting the quest in earnest.


  • If one has more overdue books (or finds more inside the library), they can be turned in to the collection machine for 5 tokens each. The southwest terminal will dispense a Massachusetts Surgical Journal in exchange for 50 tokens (i.e. 10 overdue books).
    • There are 6 in the library:
      • Three in the mechanical room, northwest corner of the library, on the floor.
      • One in the women's restroom in a stall.
      • One in the main reading room on a shelf.
      • One in the secondary reading room on a desk.
    • A further three in a Pulowski Preservation shelter to the southeast of the building's exterior.
    • Together with the book Daisy provides, this is exactly the number needed to get the journal on the first trip, and the player character does not need any preparation for it.
  • The book given by Daisy is not marked as a quest item. Any overdue book will do to complete the quest, including those found inside the library.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One If the Sole Survivor returns Daisy's book into any book return terminal outside of the library, the quest will keep on telling the player character to return the book in to a terminal inside the library even after clearing it of super mutants and the quest says to return to Daisy. However, this will not affect the quest, as once the Sole Survivor returns to Daisy, the quest will be completed.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The quest will not start after talking to Daisy. She says all the dialogue and even tells the player character to return her book, but no book is given and the quest is not given.[verified]
  • PCPC The intercom at the back entrance does not say that the library is closed, but instead responds like a NPC (e.g. 'Huh?' or 'Yeah?'). This precludes the player character entering as an employee, which makes the robots hostile. One can avoid the hostile reaction by entering the console command: PLAYER.ADDTOFACTION FF404 0. One must still pick the lock to enter the library, but the robots will not be hostile.