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A psyker refers to one of four characters living in the Cathedral.


After the Master gained psychic powers, he subsequently wished to give such abilities to his followers. A series of experiments lead to many failures but four successes or individuals of use to the Master, are known as psykers.[Non-game 1]


Kept behind a forcefield, the psykers including Wiggum, Gideon, Lucy, and Moore. They own pieces of equipment known as a psychic nullifiers, to alleviate any suffering stemming from the ability.[1][2]


Psykers appear only in Fallout.

Behind the scenes

  • The term psyker is also used in Warhammer 40k tabletop games.
  • "Sykers" were present within the design wiki for the canceled Project V13, also known as Fallout Online.
  • In the Fallout Bible, Chris Avellone said that for Fallout fan-fiction purposes, everyone was welcome to make use of the psykers, who show some pretty over-the-top mutations.
  • In regards to paranormal/supernatural content such as the psykers, Joshua Sawyer stated via tumblr that he thinks, "a li'l bit is okay and it feels like if we’re going to accept some of the wacky science of the setting, we’re already off the rails of strict realism. That said, I think it’s best if it feels alien and remains more or less unexplained."[Non-game 2]


  1. Vault Dweller: "Nullified? Are they somehow restricting your psychic powers by those devices you are wearing?"
    (Gideon's dialogue)
  2. Vault Dweller: "Uh, yeah. Are you the 'experiments' I'm looking for?"
    Gideon: "Yes, the walls are alive with those that have gone before."
    (Gideon's dialogue)