Psychotic Prankster is an achievement in Fallout 3 which is awarded for successfully reverse-pickpocketing a live explosive into someone's inventory.

Pants Exploded is both a term and a player-statistic that appears on the screen between loading areas. It measures the total number of times one has planted explosives on someone.

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  • Not all creatures have an inventory. Pants Exploded only works on opponents that would normally be seen holding weapons. They do not have to be wearing pants.
  • Karma can be lost for killing characters and creatures with Neutral alignment this way, when killing them normally does no such thing.
  • Reverse-pickpocketing any sort of explosives into someone´s pocket also allows the opportunity to kill anyone, even inside main cities without getting caught.
  • Because children cannot be killed in Fallout 3, explosives placed in a child's inventory will not explode. The item will simply be lost.

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