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For the psycho that appears in the Fallout series, see Psycho.
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Psycho is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


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Psycho appears as a form of injected drug composed of strange, unknown chemicals of military origin which comes with its own unique delivery system. It was designed at the orders of General Chase specifically for military use. It increased a soldier's damage resistance, and its dampening effect on higher brain functions made for tough—but uncontrollable-troops. This drug was very popular for human-wave assaults.[1]


The player may consume psycho or use it as an ingredient in slasher, which increases both damage and damage resistance but has a much shorter duration.


Related questsEdit

  • High Times: Jacob needs 1 dose for the improved cure the player can suggest with 50 Science.
  • Flags of Our Foul-Ups: Razz wants you to convince his squad to use it.
  • Kings' Gambit: One of the solutions to cease hostilities between NCR and The Kings is to add a dose of psycho to Pacer's jet stash, resulting in his death.
  • Back in Your Own Backyard: Ranger Milo can be impressed by the Courier's possession of 24 or more doses of the drug, earning a small amount of NCR fame.
  • Aba Daba Honeymoon: After delivering the Khans drug shipment to Motor-Runner, the player can sell the drug to him in exchange for 20 caps, 22 after a barter check. The most the player can ever sell the drug for normally is 20 caps with high barter or discounts.
  • Malleable Mini Boomer Minds: The player can offer one of the Boomer children the drug by telling him it will make him a better boxer, this results in Boomer infamy.
  • Gametitle-FNV HH Happy Trails Expedition: If the player can pass a Medicine check of 45 when speaking to Ricky, then they can sell him 1-10 hits of the drug for the exorbitant price of 30 caps each. This is the most money the player can get for the drug in the game.

All RoadsEdit

The drug is featured prominently in the deaths of the Singer (poisoned by Swank), Chance (overdose enabled by Benny) and a group of Fiends that burned their victims at the tribal village. Benny says in one line regarding the drug, "Only thing in that vial is Vegas".

Behind the scenesEdit

While it may not contain similar drugs, psycho's background is similar to that of the real-life drug cocktail D-IX, developed by Nazi Germany to increase military effectiveness.


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