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For the psycho that appears in the Fallout series, see psycho.
A unique delivery system filled with strange and unknown chemicals of probably military origin. It is supposed to increase the combat potential of a soldier.Fallout in-game description


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Psycho appears in the form of an extremely potent injectable amphetamine composed of strange, unknown chemicals of military origin which comes with its own unique delivery system. It was designed at the orders of General Chase specifically for military use. It increased a soldier's damage resistance, and its dampening effect on higher brain functions made for tough—but uncontrollable-troops. This drug was very popular for human-wave assaults.[1]


Psycho is unique among Fallout chems in that its main effect - damage resistance - persists in a progressively weaker form as the drug wears off, whereas other drugs have severe "coming down" penalties.

Characters with an odd Agility will get an effective +2 Action Points off using Psycho, comparable to Jet but without the severe addiction risk/penalty.

Psycho cannot raise damage resistance above 90%. Nonetheless, the difference between even 80% and 90% can be the difference between a lethal or harmless critical hit.

Like other chems that reduce a SPECIAL stat in Fallout/2, Psycho can be used to exploitively increase high-level skills for reduced skill points, with simply two doses to lower Intelligence-based skills below a threshold where skill points are more effective, investing in the skills, such that when Psycho wears off, the skill reverts to a higher score than it should have been if having invested the skill points normally.

In Fallout 2, Psycho is rare through most the game, only turning up with increased prevalence in San Francisco. Even then, it is by far the most expensive chem in the game. All this is probably as a consequence of Psycho having an enormously powerful combat effect.



Fallout 2Edit

Fallout TacticsEdit

  • Found on a dead body surrounded by dogs in Macomb.
  • Sold by some merchants.
  • May be stolen from Cypher in the Freeport misson, who carries a single psycho.


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