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The prototype steel mill paint is a paint scheme in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


As part of a federal contract, the Grafton Steel company began work on a series of projects with the primary goal of increasing the steel yield of their mills and a secondary goal of developing new kinds of steel products for the military sector.[1] One such project, Project Pheonix, sought to achieve these goals through the creation of a brand of civilian power armor geared toward industrial applications. This model would not only allow workers to withstand and work under extreme temperatures but also to service machinery without stopping up the whole works. Unlike Garrahan Mining Co.'s EX-17 Excavator power armor which inspired it, the model developed by Grafton was based around the more advanced T-51b model of power armor instead of the earlier T-45. However, while a working prototype for the helmet was successfully built and tested, the Great War would occur before the rest of the armor could be completed, leaving the project incomplete.


A standard T-51 helmet retrofitted with heavy steel plating on the face of the armor, this thick armor increases the wearer's resistance to damage of all kinds. The level 50 resistances are 68 ballistic, 81 energy, and 49 radiation.

Available on

Power armor


The paint is unlocked upon looting the power armor frame in the maglocked room of Grafton Steel Underground. The room is only accessible during the Fun and Games quest, after which it is unobtainable.


  • This paint is only applicable to the helmet. No other parts can be improved.
  • This paint increases Energy Resistance by 20%.
  • This is the only power armor skin to increase resistances, improving energy resistance by 9 points standard for level 30 and 13 points for level 50.


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