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The Prototype hazmat suit is an armor set in Fallout 76.


The prototype hazmat suit is identical to the standard suit except it is yellow instead of orange, and has full finger gloves as opposed to fingerless gloves of the standard suit. It provides no Damage Resistance or Energy Resistance but provides 1,000 Radiation Resistance and a hidden 98% radiation damage reduction bonus. No other armor or clothing can be worn with the hazmat suit.



Name Editor ID Form ID
Full armor Armor_HazmatSuitPrototype_SFL02 0013E4AF


Prototype hazmat suit
Level Resistance Durability Weight Value
50 1000 44-50 5.0 85
45 1000 41-47
40 1000 38-44
35 1000 35-41
30 1000 32-38
25 1000 29-35
20 1000 26-32
15 1000 23-29
10 1000 20-26
5 1000 17-23
1 1000 14-20


Prototype hazmat suit cannot be crafted, and may only be awarded as a quest reward.



  • Before the Wastelanders update, the hazmat suit could be obtained at any level. After the update it comes only at level 1, making hazmat suits of different level legacy.
  • The armor is not affected by Sturdy Frame and Lucky Break perks.
  • Does count as an armor for the Chameleon mutation.
  • Although regular hazmat suits can be crafted, prototype hazmat suits can be obtained only as a quest reward.
  • All hazmat suits share model and stats, but they can't be repainted to other versions.
  • Prototype hazmat suit is missing a paint slot.


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Prototype hazmat suit can be found only as a level 1 armor.[verified]