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For an overview of robot override programs in Fallout 4, see override program.


The Protectron override program is a holotape in Fallout 4.

Location[edit | edit source]

The disk can be found in a Total Hack magazine in the Wattz Consumer Electronics building.

Transcript[edit | edit source]




BIOS Version: overlord_injector_active
STATUS: <Token.Name=OnStatus>, <Token.Name=AIstatus>
Admin_Group: <Token.Name=Faction>

Hijack VIP Escort Protocol[edit | edit source]


Loading Protocol...

Disengage Safety Sensors[edit | edit source]



Safety Inhibitors Offline
Regard Protectron as Highly Dangerous
Clear area of all Personnel


Override Alliance Parameters[edit | edit source]


Welcome, Administrator. Targeting Parameters have been erased and set to ADMIN_USER_GROUP::<Token.Name=Faction>

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There are two options when loaded into your Pip-Boy, and the third when loaded into a Protectron terminal:
    • "Disengage Safety Sensors" reverts the Protectron to view all entities as hostile, including the Sole Survivor.
    • "Override Alliance Parameters" sets the Protectron to be friendly towards the Survivor and any companions, and hostile to their enemies.
    • "Hijack VIP Escort Protocols" sets the Protectron to be a temporary follower. This option will not be present when loaded into the Pip-Boy, only when loaded on the terminal connected to the charging station after the Protectron has been deployed.
  • This can be played on any terminal or your Pip-Boy but will only affect Protectrons with an uplink/downlink to the terminal you are using.
  • Protectrons controlled by the player do not regain health over time or after fast travel.
  • Protectrons controlled by the player will waddle towards the player unfeasibly fast if the player moves too far away.

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