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The Protectron override program is a holotape in Fallout 4.


The disk can be found in a Total Hack magazine in the Wattz Consumer Electronics building.




BIOS Version: overlord_injector_active
STATUS: <Token.Name=OnStatus>, <Token.Name=AIstatus>
Admin_Group: <Token.Name=Faction>

Hijack VIP Escort Protocol

Loading Protocol...

Disengage Safety Sensors


Safety Inhibitors Offline
Regard Protectron as Highly Dangerous
Clear area of all Personnel


Override Alliance Parameters

Welcome, Administrator. Targeting Parameters have been erased and set to ADMIN_USER_GROUP::<Token.Name=Faction>


  • There are two options when loaded into your Pip-Boy, and the third when loaded into a Protectron terminal:
    • "Disengage Safety Sensors" reverts the Protectron to view all entities as hostile, including the Sole Survivor.
    • "Override Alliance Parameters" sets the Protectron to be friendly towards the Survivor and any companions, and hostile to their enemies.
    • "Hijack VIP Escort Protocols" sets the Protectron to be a temporary follower. This option will not be present when loaded into the Pip-Boy, only when loaded on the terminal connected to the charging station after the Protectron has been deployed.
  • This can be played on any terminal or your Pip-Boy but will only affect Protectrons with an uplink/downlink to the terminal you are using.
  • Protectrons controlled by the player do not regain health over time or after fast travel.
  • Protectrons controlled by the player will waddle towards the player unfeasibly fast if the player moves too far away.

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