Some folks have asked - why not a protectron with wheels? RobCo wasn't afraid to answer that question: The Protect-O-Bot is the answer. While safety standards prevented this free-wheeling dynamo from entering mass market production despite RobCo's best intentions and teams of lawyers, we take the consolation in letting you see this extremely well-funded experiment as it was intended - a robot moving so fast, it looks like it's standing still!— Description in the REPCONN headquarters museum

The Protect-O-Bot was a prototype protectron which was never released by RobCo. It is currently at the REPCONN headquarters on static display.


The Protect-O-Bot is a protectron with a car-type design, having wheels rather than normal legs, and a dynamo accelerator. It looks a lot like the torso and head of a regular protectron, with the wheels and legs of a sentry bot, though laying down instead of being upright. The primary weapon, a laser, is mounted at the front of the vehicle, where the protectron's 'head' is located.


A prototype can be seen in the REPCONN headquarters in a state of disrepair as an exhibit in the museum.


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